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Think Like a Parent

Here we are at the end of the 2nd 9 weeks! That is hard to believe! Report cards went home today, mid-year assessments are under way, and mid-year data conferences with educators will be held next week. All of these different types of feedback and conversations are focused on moving our learners forward. We spend a lot of time talking about our struggling learners and how best to implement academic and behavior interventions for these children. One idea I want to remind you of is the importance of sharing feedback with all learners and their parents. I was reminded of this yesterday afternoon when I received an email from my daughter's first grade teacher asking if we could chat that evening. Many of you have heard me speak of Caroline, and know that she is a very compliant, caring, and motivated learner. I was sick to my stomach as to why the teacher would want to talk to me. I am not used to receiving phone calls from Caroline's teachers. I stopped in my tracks at those thoughts because all parents should receive personal phone calls, emails, or words of encouragement about their children. During our conversation, the teacher wanted to share that she was concerned about Caroline because she is talking more and a little off-task. She wanted me to reassure Caroline that she wasn't in trouble, but that she cares about her so much and wanted to know if something was bothering her and if she could help with anything. After speaking with Caroline's teacher, I am reminded of the importance of developing relationships with your learners that will impact them for years to come. I have no doubt in my mind that Caroline will always remember her first grade teacher. As an administrator, I share this story to simply remind you to think like a parent.

You have an Ipad, so now what?

I know that many of you search Pinterest or various blogs when you are designing lessons or need ideas for anchor charts, apps, or hands-on learning opportunities. I stumbled upon several blogs that discussed using an Ipad for tracking learner data and giving feedback to learners. This specific blog post written by an elementary educator has great ideas of various apps to use for guided reading and small group instruction. Take a look and leave feedback at the end of this about what you found interesting!


Data Conversations will be Monday and Tuesday! We will send a schedule out through email. Please have your class data sheet updated. We will follow the agenda below.

Data Meeting Agenda

Review of group and individual data

Focus on ELL Hispanic and ED

* Are they on the trajectory to be on level?

* Why yes or why no?

* What are you doing currently to bring about change?

* IF no, what needs to change?

Educator Goals

* What is your progress towards your goal?

* What PD have you done to improve yourself in your goal area?

* What was the result of the PD?

* What do you need to do moving forward to meet your goal?




Admin Feedback concerning progress

Next Year

*What are your personal Plans/preferences for next year?

*Are you planning to return?

*Do you need a change in placement?

*What are your preferences concerning Looping and why?

*What are your preferences concerning self-contained and why?

Dismissal Reminders

K-2 Teachers, Please remember to keep your class quiet during dismissal time in the gym. It is really cold outside and if the learners cannot hear their name called, dismissal will take much longer! Thanks!

Literacy Information from Administration

As many of you know we have been looking into some different spelling resources to use with our learners. Utilizing the work of last year’s Vocabulary and Spelling committee and the most recent training offered last fall on Word Work, the literacy coaches created a proposed grade-level spelling plan. This plan is grounded in the spelling lessons, that center upon spelling rules, from our current Reading Street textbook adoption.

At this time, we are encouraging educators to look over this resource and see where it may benefit the spelling work they are already doing in the classroom. While educators may choose to utilize a full implementation of this plan in place of what they are currently doing for spelling, it is not a requirement that they do so at this time. For those educators who do chose to utilize this resource, the literacy coaches will be calling upon them to provide feedback and insight into any adaptations that need to be made before we move forward with the task of creating lessons for the entire year.

On the Language and Literacy Google Site you will find more information, the guidelines, and all of the resources.


Even More IPad Ideas

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We LOVE What We Do!


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