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Surf your way through the water: Kiteboarding

Kitesurfing or Kiteboarding has become one of the great adventure sports over the recent years. Starting from low and shallow waves to huge and massive waves, it is just an incredible thrilling experience. It is a kind of sport done on the surface of water with that combines several things including, Wakeboard, windsurfing, Paragliding, surfing and gymnastics into one thrilling and heart throbbing sport. The science behind this is very simple as the kite boarder transfers the power of the wind in the kite and hence the kite cuts the surface and moves forward, which is attached to the rider. It may or may not have binding or foot straps like a simple surf boat.

Kitesurfing is a special kind of Kiteboarding that deals only with riding on the waves. This includes several styles of Kiteboarding Tarifa, including freeride, freestyle, speed, downwinders, wakestyle, course racing, kitesurfing and jumping. The worldwide market sale of kiteboarding is estimated to be US$321 million, which is shared and enjoyed by over 1.5 million persons. Since it is a very risky and adventurous sport, there are few things that should be well known by a rider.

Do’s and Don’ts: Kiteboarding


  • Try to make your way through the land with the help of a small kite, before you go directly into the water.
  • Fly in clear and stay away from people and crowded areas so that accidents can be avoided.
  • The best way to ensure safety is by following an instructor’s orders.
  • Use a quick release device along with the kite leash. Its duty is to ensure that during any harsh condition, the kite can be detached from the hold of the surfer.
  • Do not forget to put on your safety gears before kite riding.
  • You can take someone’s help while you start surfing in the water.
  • If it is your first ride, try to ride it with an experienced one who can assist you.
  • Wear swimsuits and life jackets.
  • Swimming is must. So, before you go for kite boarding, make sure you can swim very well.
  • Last but not the least, use your senses very quickly and stay out of crowded areas.


  • Do not fly near trees, power lines, electric wires, rocks, or anything that can cause any damage. Find a suitable place, away from everything.
  • Unless you are an expert, do not even think about flying through offshore wind.
  • Try to ignore the gusty wind.
  • If you go far away the shore, then you may have to swim back a lot.
  • Do not try to unwrap twisted lines, instead of that; try to spin your body.
  • Do not try to fly a kite, if you are holding a control bar.

Enjoy Kiteboarding Tarifa

Kiteboarding Spain is also known as the Kiteboarding Tarifa where this sport has already very famous and it is a place in Europe where surfers come to test their skills. There are basically two locations in Europe, which is well recognized among the surfers, the Canary Island and Tarifa. One can find a hundred of kites flying through the air during the summer. Kiteboarding Tarifa can be a lot fun, but do not forget to follow the safety rules because every place has got its own specified rules.

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