Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero

by Travis Beachman


In the year 2024, the journalist, Naomi writes an article about why the Jaegers were built. She wrote some interviews with Tendo, Jasper, and Stacker. As she writes these interviews, she begins to understand the meaning behind the creation of the Jaeger. There bring set backs of what happened during the beginnings of the Jaeger program. She tries to get something useful to write for her article.


I chose this book because I liked giant monsters. In the book, there are giant creatures called,"Kaiju". They were named after that literally translates to "monster" in Japan. One of the kaiju that appear in the book, is "Karoff" which was named after Boris Karoff. I believed that it was even modeled after Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's monster in 1931.

My favorite part about the book occurred when Karloff makes it's appearance in pg.60. The battles between the Jaegers which follows the concept of giant robots fighting giant monsters. In my opinion, the book is great. Some reasons I liked the book include: I liked the book because it has a statue of a knight fighting a dragon. Also, the appearances of the Kaiju that appear in the book.

Overall, I would rate the book a 98 or 95/100 % because it's a book someone, who loves giant monsters and robots, would read but most kids would prefer reading other books. It would be recommended for anyone who have an interest in Science Fiction.