Adolf Hitler - WANTED

World War II

Breaking the Treaty of Versailles

Hitler has broken the Treaty of Versailles. He did not follow the terms of this treaty and now Germany must face consequences. He did this mainly by militarizing his country secretly. Along with this he invaded other countries forcing them into war.

Wanted for...

The deaths of thousands of innocent people

Treating different races like they aren't humans

Developing concentration camps

Invading France

Invading Poland

Breaking the Treaty of Versailles

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The Destruction of Europeans

Concentration camps

During the 1930's and 1940's Adolf Hitler set up over 20,000 concentration camps to imprison his millions of victims. In these camps the people were treated very harshly and a lot of them starved to death. They were used for a series of things such as labor factories, transit camps and sometimes mass murder stations.

Adolf Hitler

5"8' tall


Dark Hair

light skin tone