Solar System Exploration


PRE 1900

Name,DOB & DOD

galileo galilie was born on feburary 15 1564 in Pisa,Italy

he died in january 8 1642 in Arcetri,Italy


Pysisics,Mathematicsand Astronaomy.

He discoverd the moon was round with mountainsand cratersin 1610.

He was the best known for improving the telescope to be used for study of planets.

He developed the Pengalum which was desinged for keeping time.

He supported th Capricorn theroy that the Earth and planets revolved around the sun.

Main Discoveries

he discoveredthe moon was round

he discoverd the pengalum whichbwas used to keep time

he was best known for improving the telecope

supported the capricorn theroy that the Earth and planets revolved around the sun

Galileo Gelilei

POST 1900

Voyager Mission 1

Voyager 1 launched 0n 5th of september 1977

it made history making visits to Jupiter and Saturn and their moons. today it still travels gives information about the solarv systems edge,which was the reason for its launch

It weights 722 kgs.

It was 1.829x1010kms from Earth on the 28th October 2013.

It was the first probe to show detailed pictures of Jupiter,Saturn & their moons.

Its 1st mission ended in 1980

Its current mission is to communicate with the deep space network to recieve commands and return data,this is expectedto end in 2025 when its jenerators run out of power.

The Voyager 1 is the first man made objects to make it so far from Earth having crossed heliooause exiting our atmosphere into Interstellar space

the Voyeger travel around about 62,136 km/h

Voyager 1