SPS Tech Flyer

Term Three Week Two

Maths Games

This website has compiled to a wide variety of games covering most number strands as well as shapes, measurement and time. Great for ignition activities and small group tasks for revision from ES1-S3


More Maths Games

Here's another fun maths wesbite, lots of games and interactive activities.


These three apps from Alan Peat support his programs for writing exciting sentences and using punctuation for a small cost each. They are great programs which encourage creative writing.

Book Week

Here's a reminder of a link Karen sent recently with links to activities for each of the short-listed books. There are a number of activities, including cloze passages, comprehension questions and puzzles.


Apps of the Fortnight

Lots of new apps on the iPads this time. Take a look and check them out. If you find one you really like let everyone know.