Tech Tip Tuesday

WHS Media Center 9.8.15

This week's Tech Tip is an alternative to the PowerPoint with which we are all familiar and comfortable. Our kids have been doing PowerPoints since they were in elementary school. We want to give our students tools to make them stand out and be successful in a competitive world. This little tool is an easy and convenient way to get them thinking about something new and different. I challenge you to create a presentation using Emaze instead of PowerPoint for your next lecture, speech, or demonstration!!
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The next generation of online presentation software. You simply select any of the professionally designed free presentation templates to create an amazing visual experience for your audience.

So Why Emaze and Not PowerPoint?

You can create incredible presentations in minutes using ready made templates and slides that include 3D scenes and 2D slides. Emaze is cloud-based, so you can access your presentations from anywhere online. It also provides multi-device access so you can view and edit your presentations on any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.