December 7, 2015

Elevator Speech

The article below states that standardized test do not tell the story of all that we do in education. This statement reminded me of the Elevator Speech Dr. Bays mentioned at the convocation. She said that the Elevator Speech is something you would say to somebody if you had 30 seconds to brag on what your school, your department, or what the district has accomplished.

So, like the article says "if standardized test do not tell the story of what we do in education, then what it is?"

My story is that FMS has a staff that shows how much they care for their students by mentoring them; helping with fundraisers, meeting with parents as a team; giving up their lunch time to tutor students; collaborating with their colleagues to create lessons to help students grow; working endless hours. I could write so much more to tell our story.

Let us always remember to share our story of what we do in education.


The next PLC meeting will be on December 9th.

Brick House

We are getting close to the end of the 2nd quarter and the end of the semester. If you need any assistance in contacting parents on their child' missing assignment, please let your administrator know so they can help you.

The Brick House Committee will be meeting on December 10th. If you have any suggestions, please make sure to post them on the Brick House Parking Lot so that it can be reviewed.

Floresville Reads Millions

Our reading minutes continue to rise! We have accumulated 1,494,653 Minutes! WooHoo!

Total November Minutes-421,027




Spotlight Member of the Week: Laura DaLuz, Gaylyn Penlerick, Leticia Estrada

From a staff member: You came in and helped out after school with the delivery of the Poinsettia's without being asked. Your assistance helped us get many of the Poinsettia's out by 4:30. Thank you for Crossing the Line!

To nominate a staff member for Spotlight Member of the Week email a Cross the Line Form to Marcia Gonzales.

Cross the Line Forms

Encourage each other by sending a Cross the Line Form

Picture and Caption-Week of December 7- CoCo Pena

Submit your picture and caption( 2 to 3 sentences) to Valerie Elias and Kim Cathey no later than Thursday, December 10, 2015.

Concession Stand December 10-Gaylyn Penlerick and Kim Ximenez

Get cash box and Pizza from Mrs. Elias
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Christmas Breakfast December 16th

To celebrate the holiday season, the FMS Administration/Office Staff will be serving breakfast to all the staff at 7:45 am on December 16th. On the menu will be Potato & Egg and Bean & Cheese Tacos, Juice, Hot Chocolate, and Coffee. Come Join Us!

School Events

December 7-Progress Report Grades Due

December 8-Beginning Band Winter Concert

December 9

December 10 Tiger Basketball vs Harlandale 8th (A) 7th(H) 5pm

December 11-7th & 8th Band Winter Concert

On the Horizons

December 16-Taco Breakfast/7th Grade Genius 30 Presentations

December 18-Early Release for Students and Staff

December 21-January 1-Christmas Break

January 4-Staff Development Day

January 5-Workday