gall bladder attack


Anatomically, the gall bladder attack is a pear-shaped bag, with an average capacity of about 50 to 60 ml, the liability under the ribcage in the right upper abdomen on the underside of the liver. Your task is to take the bile produced by the liver and bile salts juices to gather, thicken and leave as needed. It is thus one unit of advanced portal system.
The bile salts and therefore also the bile plays a not insignificant role in the digestion of fats and fat-like substances. The treated bile forms, together with the enzymes of the pancreas , the ferment for cranking the digestion .

Called the bile juices, and bile acid (cholic acid, Desoxylcholsäure, Chenodesoxylcholsäure and lithocholic acid), have different roles and effects. They are mainly of fat digestion and peristalsis of the intestines (self-motion) and the bile salt and bile production in the liver. They thus represent a cycle dar. If this cycle is disturbed in any way, may lead to pathological disorders in the biliary area.

The most occurring disease in the biliary area is the irritation or inflammation of the gall bladder symptoms. In the acute stage, they neglected their duties enormous. The gallbladder is no longer able to contract in case of need and to transport the bile into the duodenum, it comes not only to disorders of digestion, but irritation and inflammation are the most painful episode. High-fat and fat-like compounds in food are not digested in the upper intestine, and eventually constipation and constipation are gaining the upper hand.

Poor nutrition can as often be the cause of inflammation of the gallbladder. Because of the close relationship with the liver, it is easy to understand that in inflammation of the gallbladder may be a lack of minerals. Mineral-rich diet and a mineral-rich thermal waters are enemies of the cause of disease.

When symtpoms of gallstones occur mainly upper abdominal pain, fever and nausea. Especially after meals. In addition, loss of appetite can be established.

Medical treatment is absolutely necessary. The physician must explore the exact cause. Bed rest is advisable in the acute stage.

Irritation and inflammation of the gallbladder require special treatment. Because this treatment is relatively simple to perform, the prognosis is very favorable. It is also favorable that just be treated with a suitable pure natural mineral water very well inflammation and irritation of the gallbladder - as long as no severe disease is present.

As with almost all diseases of the liver area, and that includes the gallbladder, is a cholecystitis, gallbladder irritation chronic mineral deficiency ago.

Is precisely in these cases that improvement can be achieved with the right healing water. During drug treatment, a suitable thermal water can support the treatment prescribed by the doctor very well and thus contribute to a rapid and definitive cure.

The fluid intake should temporarily be above average, to prevent an extreme thickening of bile. Since most of these healing waters are indeed rich in minerals, but still tasty, they can be applied to life not only as a direct agent, but also as a constant thirst drink. Side effects are not known. Intolerance occurs not as good as. A cure for the acute treatment of water with a higher mineral concentration is recommended.