Protect Iowa's Prairies

Save what made Iowa

Man's Second Best Friend is Harming the Earth

The US governments estimates roughly 1.5 million tons or 3000000000 pounds of Kitty litter is mined or quite often strip mined. This is just providing for our furry friends and even then "toy" breeds and rodents are exempt from this count let alone people

It's a Sod Ball Effect (snowballing)

The tough prairie sod is a great conserver of soil and water. Sod acts like a giant sponge catching and holding rainwater. As a result, the amount of water runoff from the prairie is small compared to land where there is no strong network of roots to absorb the rain. The roots also bind the soil tightly to the earth, protecting it against erosion. So the more farmers remove praries for farms the worse their and surrounding farms will be

We are Killing the Lorax

The prairie’s destruction also doomed a less-obvious form of life: the teeming collection of microbes that helped create the fertile prairie soil. With out these the prairies, even left alone for centuries, would not return to their previous splendor.

Prairies Protect Iowa's Strength in Agriculture So Iowa Must Protect Prairies

The main problem is lack of undisturbed areas, so voting for preserves, working with foundations to reward farming practices, and getting the word out to others to do the same will save our prairies.