Nonfiction Book

Faurie, Bernadette. The Horse Riding & Care Handbook. New York: Lyons, 2000. Print.


The author provides photographs in order to visually reinforce the text. The text itself is informative and covers a vast number of subjects relating to horses.The author is Bernadette Faurie is one of the world’s leading equestrian writers. Currency is not important when thinking about this subject


"Horses, Horse Pictures, Horse Facts - National Geographic." National Geographic. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Nov. 2015. <>


he article is found on a trusted site, National Geographic. The information seems valid and related to the topic since some information relates to a .org(meaning that it is an organization and will most likely have accurate information) page and another .org page and thus the rule of three helps prove this page as credible. The purpose is to inform, and currency is not very important.


The author gives information about the role horses play in human lives today. The article is published by GALE, a respectable database that is supported by the education system because the articles published on GALE is already scanned for credibility. Currency is not important.

Search Strategy

I found this article by typing horses into the search bar.


he author gives solid information about the history of the topic and does not add unnecessary information such as why Native Americans didn’t have horses as the article is about the history of the purpose of horses. The article was published by GALE, a respectable database because all articles on GALE are scanned for credibility by someone that is paid to do that job and is also supported by the education system. The purpose is to inform and currency is not important.