Panther Updates


Are All of YOUR Students Registered for Read-a-Thon

Pleasant Union holds one fundraiser a year. This is it!!!! In order to provide our students, staff and families at Pleasant Union we have to increase sponsorship and involvement for this fundraiser to be successful.

  • Currently, approximately 100 children have not even set up a page.
  • 300 students have not gotten 1 single sponsor.
  • Current funds raised are $28,925. Our goal is $55,000. We are short approximately $26,000.
  • We have 7 days remaining for this fundraiser.

What Happens if We Don't Reach Our 2017-2018 goal?

  • We will have to charge families for the Valentine’s Dance and Spring Fling.
  • Decrease in funds for our technology, music, art and AIG departments.
  • No grandparent’s breakfast, muffins for moms or donuts for dads.
  • Less Author Visits and other Cultural Arts performances.
  • This is PUE’s one fundraiser for the year. We will have to host another fundraiser at the school in order to provide for our teachers and administration at PUE.
  • The PTA funds do not carry forward from each school year. These funds are required for the 2017-2018 school year.

How Can YOU Help?

  • Get your child’s page set up and send it to close family and friends. There is no requirement to use social media. Let’s bring on the Wild Rumpus parties, dirt cake parties and pies in the face. This is a celebration of Reading and your child’s success in our school!
  • Please remember that although large contributions help, it isn't the large contributions that make the difference in fundraisers. It is every participant setting up for 3, or more donors. Our goal was based on each Pleasant Union child arranging for 3 donors of at least $30 each to reach our $55,000 goal.

In addition:

  • Businesses can sponsor students and the school.
  • Our fundraising efforts are immediately realized as the Read-a-Thon Fundraiser collects Donations versus Pledges.
  • Read-a-Thon is primarily done online. If, however, you cannot participate online you can write a check directly to the PUE PTA, who, in turn will deposit your check and transfer it to the online fundraiser.

Heather Wilson, President

Has Everyone in your class been contacted to insure that maximum contributions can be assured???


Global News

Track 1 will have a Kickoff Assembly this Wednesday afternoon beginning at 2:45.

Deck Out Your Participate School Contest: The organization that provides support for our professional development courses and curriculum is encouraging all global school to enter the Deck Out Your Participate School Contest. How can you creatively use the global items that Heather passed out on Friday in conjunction with the global activities that you are doing? Check out the ways you can win at Participate Contest. Contest lasts until Friday, October 13.

Meriwynn Mansori, our support person from Participate will be visiting our school on Monday, October 16. If you have any global news/activities or questions that you would like highlighted and addressed please let me know.


Announcements for the Week of October 9-13, 2017

Health Matters: While you are pondering health insurance and such for open enrollment, consider your own health now. The flu and other "cold season" viruses are making an early arrival. Ms. Fricke has the flu and doctors say that the season started about a month earlier than expected. Most clinics are just now setting up flu shot appointments If you usually get the flu shot go earlier than you usually do. Health professionals are expecting a longer flu season than usual. Remember that you need to go into the NC Health Care System to choose your plan by OCTOBER 31, 2017.

Thank you: We would like to say thank you to everyone that has helped during our absences this week. It is good to know that when we are gone you all are able to work together to work things out. Thank you for your patience and thank you for your compassion as Ms. Fricke had the flu and I have been out with miscellaneous pet, home and dental emergencies. We appreciate you and are so glad to work with you at PUE.

Staff Meeting: Thursday, October 12 beginning at 7:45. Please bring your laptops--in fact let's just plan to bring laptops to all meetings from now on.


Transition to Outlook

Most of our staff should have been transitioned to Outlook. Outlook is found on your WakeID dashboard. The former Lotus notes is available on a read only basis but Outlook will be the new email service. Annette shared the following links in her email last week to give you help with Outlook.


Mark Your Calendars

Wednesday, October 11

  • 2:45 Student Global Kickoff Track 1

Thursday, October 12

  • 7:45 Staff Meeting


Duties for the Week of October 9-13, 2017

AM Hallway: Blocker (Help greet parents/students, check with Ms. Person to see what is needed at the visitor sign-in tables or the carpool tag/ transportation table.)

AM Carpool: Narvaez (Help Safety Patrol, call for more help if needed, monitor carpool lane)

AM Breakfast: Johnson (Work with students regarding lunch numbers, encourage students to eat and get directly to class.)

AM Bus: Crum (Write down arrival times of buses. Work with Fricke to disembark students, trouble-shoot issues.)

Lunch Duty: Fitzgerald, Johnson, Crum, Newman, McEwen, Brown, Narvaez

(Work with one another to use the "warning" behavior system, train students to pick up trash/sweep, and inform teachers of issues. Update the seating charts in the notebook as needed. The office will contact you (support staff) if necessary for coverage. Let the office staff know if help is needed, as well.

PM Hallway: Andrews (Check all students for tags in the bus line. If a student does not have a tag, inform Fricke and Ms. Britt ASAP. )

PM Carpool: Johnson, Brown (outside), Blocker/Shipley, Perry/Cooper(inside) Stern (Specialists or Perry fill in- contact office is there is a change and to let us know who is covering) (Call carpool numbers. If a parent doesn't have a carpool tag, Personnel can change around who is inside/outside if needed, but please communicate the changes to Biles/Fricke/Perry and cover all areas.

PM Bus: Rich (Call one bus at a time. Write down arrival times. CHECK FOR BUS TAGS ON EACH CHILD'S BOOKBAG. Work with Britt and Andrews to trouble-shoot, solve issues.)

**If someone is not available, staff members that are available may be called to assist.*

Please notify the administration of any issues/concerns with the duty schedule ASAP.