By: Naomi St.Leger


The ants work 19 hours a day. Man, I would not want to work that long. They can carry something 100 times their weight. I wish that I could carry something like that. They are very strong insects in a way. They do 0.5 joules a day. That's a lot of work for a tiny little ant.


The way ants sleep is similar to other animals in the wild because they sleep standing up. Of course when they sleep we usually can't tell, we just think they are just standing there and not moving, but they are actually sleeping. Ants sleep 250 times a day. there sleep last one minute. I would not want to sleep only for one minute. If you put all their sleeps together, it is fifty-one hours per day.
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The food ants eat is fugues from leaves. The ants bring parts of leaves they cut. They put the leaves in a chamber. Then when fungus grows on it, they use the fungus as food. Then when it doesn't make fungus any more, they slide it into a chamber to give nutrients to the soil.
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Ants have amazing lives even though they have to work pretty much all their lives but if they did not do that something would be different in our lives. They are very important insects.

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Now that you read this article you realized that ants are very important insects.
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