Social Media

Elizabeth's Story


-On Saturday, December 28th, Elizabeth's parents lost their camera in a Omaha, NE mall. Traveling from Michigan to Wyoming, they did not discover their loss until they had left the mall. On the camera we all of the pictures from Elizabeth's first Christmas

-Elizabeth's mom hesitated at the thought of putting a picture of her baby out there for everyone to see and share, which is why she created the separate page so the picture would say "Shared Elizabeth's Lost Christmas' Photo", not "Shared ******* ****** Photo"

-" We managed to reach the person who found my camera in Omaha Nebraska. I grew up in Holland, Michigan and live in Cheyenne, WY. Besides Eric's family, I have essentially no connection to Nebraska. I believe I have two friends on my entire friend list who live in or near Omaha and this is Eric's aunt and cousin. I received an email from the person who found my camera almost exactly 24 hours after I created the post. He had seen the picture on facebook and recognized her from the camera he had found. From what I can tell we don't even have any friends in common so he is a "friend of a friend of a friend" (or further).

So far that picture has been seen by almost 290,000 people. I have comments that the picture was shared as far away as Brussels, Belgium and Korea. It could have gone further, but those were two of the people who commented where they had shared. "

-These comments are from Elizabeth's mom.... 5 days after the site was created. This site continues to be shared.

- "...A picture can theoretically be seen by everyone in the world. This includes everyone from your teachers and future bosses to sexual predators and stalkers. Wikipedia does a good job summarizing some of the research facebook has done about six degrees of social separation (that you know everybody in the world within six stages of "friend of a friend" type thing) and they found that social media has actually reduced this number to 4.74."