Bacons rebellion

By Sean Newman,Jordan Pahler,and Hunter McIntyre

The rebellion before the revolution

Bacon's rebellion started in 1675 and was started by Nathaniel Bacon against the governor sir William Berkeley. Berkeley came to Jamestown with five hundred followers. Even before the indian attacks the colonists were upset with the ridiculous tax on corn and grain.

The conflict

The problem began when the Doeg Indians attacked a plantation in Jamestown. The governor refused to defend the colony(colonists believed the governor was involved in trade.)Nathaniel Bacon(who was governor berkelys cousin through marriage)who held a seat on the council broke away with approximately 250 men to rebel.

Important People

The End

Jamestown in flames

Nathaniel Bacon and his rebels marched into Jamestown and burned most of the city to the ground.This resulted in Berkeley returning to England. But before bacon could take the city he died of the bloody flux and body lice. When Bacon died the rebellion lost many of its supporters. Berkeley later returned with a group of English naval ships to retake the colony.