Bardsley Gazette-March 23, 2016

Term TWO is here…Module 9 and 10 through April 4

CELEBRATE: Spring is Here…So is Johnathan in Module 9! Are you?

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Hop into a Smart Start of Term Two with Modules 9 and 10…

  • WHILE you may have a Spring Break, NCVPS does not….now what?
  • COMPLETE modules 9 AND 10 by April 4th.
  • MANAGE your time well to complete all assignments from the Overview lists.
  • PLEASE ask for help from Mrs. B 336-312-2734.
Image courtesy of: Michelle Bardsley, Honolulu, HI June 2015

Spring Back with a PEER TUTOR

Our Peer Tutor Center loves to help students! The PTC link is in the Learning Block and available Monday-Friday.