Themes of To Kill a Mockingbird

By: Sharline Berry

Small step for Atticus, large leap for Maycomb county

We know that throughout the book we are taught and see racism in Maycomb county. We assume that what the author wants us to learn that racism is bad but I look at it in a deeper approach. Here in the book through the trial, not only is Atticus trying to fight for the innocence of a man but also the rights of a larger group of people. The reason that he decided to be Tom's attorney was not only to help an innocent man with impeccable odds against him but to also help the whole African American community get the respect and equality that they deserve. Through Scout and Jem's eyes, they see that their father is trying to help this man that is obviously innocent get his life. Throughout this book we see the theme of racism. Not in everyday life, but we do see how the white see themselves higher than the black people. The theme here was shown at the tea party that they had when they talked about how the people in Africa needed help but did not see how the blacks in Maycomb and throughout the United States did.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” - Winston Churchill


The second theme of the book was the theme of bravery. A lot of bravery is shown throughout the book. Not only were the kids brave with all of the ventures that they had but also Atticus. The bravery and courage that he had to take a trial that he himself knew that he wouldn't be able to win but had to try was brave. Atticus knew that his children looked up to him and that he would have to set an example to them. Atticus was not only brave for taking up this trial but not shielding him from his children either. He told them the whole truth and told as to where parents now a days just want children to see the world as no worries and just filled of happiness when in reality it is a dark and gloomy place. I also think it was brave for Aunt Alexandria that even though a big thing happened with the death of Tom Robinson, her and Scout held it together and pretended as if nothing happened. I found that the bravest accomplishment of all.

Connecting the Themes.

I do believe that both themes go hand in hand with each other. Throughout the book we are shown the bravery that each person had to overcome racism. Even at the trial with the few jurors that believed that Tom Robinson was innocent and voted for him to be acquitted that was a small step for them but on a larger scale a bigger thing that showed bravery. I throughly enjoyed this book because of all the deeper meaning behind it. It was refreshing to read a book that just didn't have a "happy" ending but a realistic one.