Richard Nixon and Watergate

By Darius Hayter

Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon became the 37th president in 1969 and was the only president to resign in 1974. Richard Nixon did some great things, when he was president the first man walked on the moon, but he is unfortunately mostly remembered for the Watergate Scandal.

Richard Nixon's Involvement

In 1972 the Watergate Hotel was broken into. The people who were arrested were connected to Nixon's re-election campaign. After a lot of investigation it was Discovered that Nixon had secret tapes of every conversation in his office. Congress ordered the tapes to be handed over but Nixon refused and said it was a right of his. Nixon was eventually forced to hand over the tapes, one tape was erased and others had some conversations taken off. From one of his conversations however it was discovered Nixon had planned to disconnect all investigation ties to the White House. Realizing he was to be impeached, Richard Nixon resigned from office. After his resignation Gerald Ford came into office.

Gerald Ford

After Nixon resigned, Gerald Ford stepped into office, he was the first president to come into office without being elected. Gerald Ford was originally a member of congress and was highly respected. After Nixon resigned he was being charged as a criminal, Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon and claimed it was because the U.S had more important things to take care of.

Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward during the time of investigation was a reporter for the Washington Post, who along with Carl Bernstein, did most of the original news on the watergate scandal.
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