Royal Hostage


Pocahontas Native America Princess

Born: Virginia, Circa 1596

Died: Gravesend, England, March 21,1617

21 years old when she died


Pocahontas was the daughter of Chief Powhatan. Her life was nothing like we seen in the movie. She met smith when she was 11 years old. Chief Powhatan was fighting the settlers and Pocahontas threw her self over smith to save his life from her father beating him to death. She was kidnapped and held for ransom. she was 17, but her father didn't trade arms for hostages. The settlers took her to another colony 50 miles away to be civilized. They taught her English and told her important things like Christmas and guilt. They baptized her renamed her Lady Rebecca and married her off to John Rolfe. He planted tobacco, They had a son named Thomas. She didn't escape, but she was scared to death she was remade from a outdoorsy girl to a indoor lady.


Pocahontas was really sick. She went to see a doctor, but no records where found that she went. She died of tuberculosis or Pneumonic. The signs she showed was trouble breathing, she was also in decline. Her husband still made her go places with him. She started to turn blue when they was out at sea.
Pocahontas "I'm John Smith" Clip

Historically sighificant

She was historically sighificant was, because of her father. Her father was well known to everyone he was Chief Powhatan. That was not the only reason why she was sighificant, but she welcomed the settlers. She was also the first native american . Pocahontas did everything possible to foster peace between her people and the settlers. But Rolfe her husband also made her sighificant he took her and her son to England on a promo tour.

Disease treated today

How the disease that killed Pocahontas is treated today day by a pill or shot.

some names of treatments are

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Did you know that Pocahontas- means spoiled child

Princess- Spoiled brat

chief- head leader

uncivilized- nothing was in order