Weapons used in The Crusades

By: Ethan Vose

Hand to Hand Combat Weapons

3 different categories of hand to hand combat weapons were used:

Pole arms: poleaxes, spears

Bludgeoning Weapons: mace, war hammer

Cutting weapons: swords, battle axes

Crusades Long Range Weapons vs Today's Long Range Weapons

Crusades vs Today's warfare

Long Bows----Sniper Rifles

Crossbows----- Assault Rifles

Rifles today are obviously more accurate and efficient than bows and crossbows were during the Crusades, but during the Crusades, Long bows were one of the best and most reliable weapons you could have for killing an enemy at long range.

Crusader Armor Vs Todays Military Armor

Crusades vs Todays Armor


Nasal Helm------ Kevlar Helmet


Cuirass---- Kevlar Chest plate

Each piece of armor was better equipped for defense against the weapons that were being used against them at that time period. Soldiers today wear Kevlar to help stop bullets from penetrating their vital organs. Crusaders used full body Armour to defend against stabs and slashes from swords.

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Crusades Large Weaponry Vs Today's Large Weaponry

Crusades Vs Today's Large Weaponry

Trebuchet------ Artillery

Siege tower----tank

The trebuchet is an early version of what today's artillery does to an enemy. It was a very useful weapon used to spread lines thin and the artillery carries on its use in a more advanced way. A siege tower was used to invade castles and tanks are used in a similar manner to take enemy positions

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Causalities during Crusades vs Modern Warfare

it is estimated that a total of 1.7 million people died during the Crusades. The most deadly war the U.S has ever been involved in was World War 2 with an estimated 60 million causalities. This is obviously more deadly because more nations were involved in World War 2.
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