Dirt bikes

Things to know


Their is six main brands of dirt bikes, Husqvarna Yamaha KTM Suzuki Kawasaki and Honda. They are all good in their own way, from being a good race bike or maybe a good trail/ enduro bike.


When riding a dirt bike you need protective gear. The most important is a helmet and goggles so nothing can hurt your head or eyes. Other good gear you should wear is mx boots to prevent breaking your ankles, also riding pants to protect your legs from getting burned. Also gloves to keep things like branches or bushes to cut them up.

Bike Knowledge

If you're gonna ride bikes a lot you need to understand your bike and how it works. Some things o do is just lean about your bike by watching a video or just reading the manual. You always wanna be prepared if something isn't working out riding. Know your bike!!!!

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