Know more about me!

My Family, Friends and Journey


My name is Javi! I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia. I was born on 18 april 2000. I've been living in Indonesia my whole life however, i love going to other countries. I visited a few countries this includes United States, Singapore, Thailand, Hongkong, and Japan. I don't really have a particular hobby although i enjoy playing games and sports. Even though it's not really a hobby, what I really love to do is hang out with my friends or family and just enjoy time together!

Me from time to time

My Family!

My family consist of 4 people. My Mom, Dad, Older sister and myself! We live in Bekasi, Indonesia it's very near to Jakarta. My family values togetherness. Even when we are far away from one another the bond between all of us will always be close!

Where i've been

I don't travel out of my country often these days however when i was younger I went to a few countries! And I love it! Although when i travel somewhere i prefer to go to the nature side instead of the cities.
Personally for me, Exploring natural part of other countries is one of the best experience. But i also love exploring Indonesia's natural parts too! Especially beaches and lakes. It's so refreshing to go somewhere open after spending a lot of time in the city.

The ISAK Family!

This is my new family! And i'm excited to spend the next three years with all of them!