Northwest Coast

Were The Land Meets The Sea

The people of the Northwest Coast are a hardy people who have learned to use their climate and their environment to their advantage. All their materials and food came either from the sea or the surrounding woodland.

Due to their proximity to the pacific ocean, the people eat a lot of seafood. Halibut, cod, salmon, and shellfish are all on the menu. They also supplement their diet with small forest game and wild plants and berries.

Because of their mild climate, the people of this region wear simple, rough shirts and robes made of animal furs or shredded bark. In the summer, women wear plant fiber skirts and the men wear breech clothes or nothing at all. When the weather turns cold, people use animal furs as capes and coats and wear hats to shed off the rain.

Using the large ceder and pine trees that grow in the region, the people here build large, gabled plank houses with door oles with large, colorful family crests on them. Family Totem poles add to the glamour of the communities

The northwest cast is alive with customs, traditions and events. One of their most famous pieces of art is the totem pole. it consists of a large log carved with animal spirits stacked on top of one another. pot-latches are also big in northwestern communities. pot latches are large feasts were the hosts give away lots of gifts to increase their social significance.

The people of the northwest coast use a variety of tools to help them survive. they use large dugout canoes made of whole ceder trees for transportation. harpoons are also used to hunt whales. Bows, knives, and baskets are also essential to the community

As you can see, the people of the northwest coast have survived and thrived using the basic materials they recieved form the ocean, and the land around them.