Camp Pre-K News

Ms. Summer and Ms. Lori

November 19, 2015

Reader's Workshop

Tuesday, we began the week with My "l" book by Jane Belk and also read LEGO man in Space by Mara Shaughnessy.

We finished reading all of our Building Block Book nominees with our final book Naked by Michael Black. It sound terrible, but it is a cute book about a little boy who refuses to wear clothes after his bath.

If I Were A Lion by Sarah Weeks and Pete the Cat: The First Thanksgiving by James and Kimberly Dean were two wonderful books that we read along with Pumpkin Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington on Wednesday.

Thursday, we read finished our week with The Great Lollipop Caper by Dan Krall which was read by our very own, Trician Nielsen (aka Pete's mom) and Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen. We did not go to the library because we were preparing for our Pre-K feast.

Social Studies

Upon reading Pete the Cat: The First Thanksgiving, our class learned quit a bit about the first settlers, the Mayflower, and the Native Americans. This was a great opportunity to talk to the class about sharing and how everyone contributed to the very first Thanksgiving dinner just like our class is doing! We learned that it takes alot of people to put together a dinner for so many people and how everyone had to help out.


Tuesday, we were able to finish up our Building Block Book nominees and were able to vote. And the winner is........Naked by Michael Black! Digger Dog came in a very close second!

Wednesday, we talked about the life cycle of a pumpkin from a seed until it becomes a pumpkin pie. We used the book Pumpkin Pumpkin to help illustrate this to the class.

Thursday, we were busy preparing our class veggie trays for our feast. We had two separate groups working in the morning and then they switched. Everyone got the opportunity to help Ms. Lori cut the celery and to help Ms. Summer place all of the items on the trays AND mix the Ranch dressing mix for the veggie dip.


"Make a loop and then a hoop, SIX!" We talked about the number 6 this week!

We certainly used some sorting skills in preparing our vegetable tray for the feast. The class had to sort out black olives, broccoli, carrots, and celery in the tray and figure out a way to keep it all together without touching their face, hair, clothes, NOSE! It was alot of fun and they did a great job!

Writer's Workshop

We worked on "l" handwriting this week. This was a super easy letter, which reminds us that sometimes we need to slow down a bit to have quality work! We had so many "L" word that they almost couldn't fit on our board!


Library books are due every Thursday! The library sends out "late" notifications on Wednesdays, but they are not late! Just use that as a reminder to return them on Thursday! If a student has 2 BOOKS checked out, they will not be allowed to check out another book until at least 1 book has been returned!

Nov. 24-26: NO KCLC

Dec. 15: Stocking Exchange/Jammie Day

Dec. 22-31: NO KCLC