Peter the Great

By: Daniel Karkhut


  • Imported western technologies
  • Improved education
  • Simplified the Russian alphabet
  • Set up academies for math, science, and engineers
  • Improved waterways and canals


  • Had 1,000 rebels tortured and killed when they went against his wishes
  • Brought all Russian institutions under his control
  • Forced the landowning nobles to serve a military positions
  • Forced the people to wear western clothing rather then robes


  • He was a very strict ruler
  • Wanted to force advancements, knew what led to a great nation
  • Didn't care that his people hated him

Interesting facts

  • Taught himself to sail when he was sixteen
  • Died without a heir, leading the country into chaos
  • Had the largest standing army in Europe at one time