Santa Guybearrado

Come Visit Us- We Strive to be Eco-Friendly EVERYDAY!

Why Is Santa Guybearrado So Unique?

Santa Guybearrado has many fun and eco friendly activities like snorkeling, diving, hiking, rafting, animal encounters and rainforest tours! Located in the Caribbean, It is the only island with the White Rhino, Black Rhino and Sun Bear as it's native animals! It is also the only island in the world that supplies Biofuel and Solar Powered Motorbikes and Quads!

Santa Guybearrado is composed of a small amount of urbanized land aswell as rainforests, forests, reef, savannah and the famous Lahuna Mountain, standing at 4,294m tall. The island also has two lakes, five rivers and sits in the Caribbean Sea. Here are some pictures taken recently at Santa Guybearrado for you...ENJOY!!!

By Liam Guy