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Holidays and FestivalS

Angola has sevral public holidays during the years such as:

  • New years day They celebrate it as we use to with family and friends andwith a lot of food and drinks in January 1
  • Luandas Day: celebrates with music, dancing, food, art display and several bus tours. Make it in January 25
  • Day of the Armed Struggle: This is held in memory of the Baixa de Cassanje revolt (1961). Workers at a cotton plant started to protest for better working conditions,In February 4 is celebrated.
  • Others celebrations are: carnival,International Women’s Day,Day of Peace and Reconciliation, Easter, etc.

Places to Visit

Angola have many places to visit that most of them are palces where take care of nature and show us how beautiful and rich in nature is this country. Some places that are msot known are the following:

Top Places to Visit

Did You Know

Capital: Luanda

Language: portuguese

Things to do: They practice some sports such as basketball and soccer also they are very known because angola have hsitoric in martial art.

Cultural aspects: The substrate of Angolan culture is African, mostly bantu, while portuguese culture has been imported. The diverse ethnic communities – and other peoples – maintain to varying degrees their own cultural traits, traditions and languages, but in the cities, where slightly more than half of the population now lives, a mixed culture has been emerging since colonial times – in luanda since its foundation in the 16th century. In this urban culture, the Portuguese heritage has become more and more dominant. An African influence is evident in music and dance, and is moulding the way in which Portuguese is spoken, but is almost disappearing from the vocabulary.

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Angola a beautiful country!