Biology 202

Mrs. Helen Dibene

Welcome to Biology!

I'm happy to help with any questions/concerns you may have. Please contact me through:

  • k-mail
  • 661-621-3667 Phone

Also check out the support session schedule and join us. It's the best way to ensure you do well in the class.
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Fall 2014 Support Session Schedule

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what to read and what work to turn in?

Check the course announcements daily to stay on track in the class. New announcements will be posted at least weekly. Work for the week will also be explained during the Weekly Starter recordings. You can find a calendar for the whole semester on the left-hand navigation pane under “Calendar”.

I missed a Weekly Starter recording – how can I view it?

You should watch the Weekly Starter recording for Biology every Monday morning so you know what to expect for the week in terms of assignments and concepts that will be covered. You can access the recording in your weekly announcements and also on the left-hand navigation pane under “Weekly Starter PTP’s”.

How do I get credit for watching the Weekly Starter recording? What is a PTP?

A PTP (Phrase That Pays) is given out in every Weekly Starter recording so pay close attention, keep your notebook handy to write down important notes, and don’t forget to jot down the Phrase that Pays exactly as it is presented!

You earn points every week for the Weekly Starter PTP!

After you watch the recording, click on the corresponding PTP quiz for that date, and enter the Phrase That Pays that was given in the recording. Once graded, you will see your points appear in the grade book.

*Do not take the weekly Phrase That Pays for granted! These points easily add up and could be the

difference between earning a B or an A (or even worse, the difference between pass or fail).

How can I check on my grade?

To check your grade in the class, click the Gradebook link at the top of the course page. You will see a list of assignments and the grade you got for each. For an explanation of what you missed and why, click the grade. This will open a detail window that shows the correct answers or shows comments from me for Dropbox items.

***Any assignment that has a “0” for your grade is probably one which you did not complete. Go back and complete this assignment to make up for your zero! It will significantly help your grade!

I submitted a test/assignment, but still have a zero. Why?

If you turned it into the Dropbox, please just be patient. I have a lot of students, so it may take a few days for me to grade everyone’s assignment. If the assessment was computer-graded (something like a quiz) and is not showing a grade, then please call me or send a Kmail.

How do I find a lab, do a lab, or turn in a lab?

  • Open the lesson for the lab on the left-hand navigation pane.
  • Download your lab report from Doc Sharing.
  • Read all lessons and directions thoroughly.
  • Click on any links to virtual labs that are embedded in the lab.
  • Complete your lab and turn it in to the correct Dropbox. Please type directly onto your lab report if possible. If you have to write or draw on it, be sure to scan it and attach the file to the Dropbox.
  • Be sure to include your name on the lab report and on the file name!

The lab report requires me to draw, but I don’t know how to.

You can add drawings to your lab report by following these steps:

  • Print the document, draw by hand, scan the document back into the computer, and attach the file to the Dropbox.
  • Use an online program like Paint or Word Shapes to draw onto the document.
  • Take digital photographs and paste them into the document.

How do I use the Dropbox?

  • Click the Dropbox link in the upper-right hand Tools menu.
  • Click “Submit an Assignment.”
  • Choose the correct basket from the action menu.
  • Click “Add/Remove” below the white comment box.
  • Select and attach your document and add a Title.
  • Click Submit.
  • If the assignment has gone through, you will see it in your Outbox (and I can see it too!)

I didn’t get any books but the lesson says to look on page 58-59 of the Reference Guide

1. Click on “Course Home” this is on the left at the top of your blue menu.

2. Click on “A Reference Guide.”

3. Open the reference guide and read as an ebook.

Where can I get some help on a lab/quiz/test preparation/etc.?

1. Be sure to read all of the information that comes with the lab.

2. Attend ANY of the live support sessions below or review the Weekly Starter recording! Remember that live sessions are also recorded for your convenience. J

3. Attend Student Choice sessions. These are like free tutoring!

4. Kmail or call your teacher with questions.

How do the Support Sessions work? Can I attend any of them for help?

1. Students watch the Weekly Starter recording found within the units in the Course Home menu to get an overview of assignments and concepts that will be covered during the week.

2. Need help? Students are welcome to attend 3 different types of live Support Sessions throughout the week (links are found on the OLS calendar).

3. Live Support Sessions are held at various times throughout the week for your convenience. Links and weekly topics will be posted on your OLS calendar. You can attend ANY of the sessions with ANY Biology teacher!! You are not expected to attend all sessions, but they are available for you if you need help or assistance.

I have links that won’t open – what do I do?

Hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard and keep it held down while opening the link (this will by-pass any pop-up blockers and will allow you to open up a new page).

I need to make up missed work or work ahead, and the assignments aren’t posted in announcements.

The Calendar link in the Course Home menu will open an entire semester view of your assignments.

When is an assignment due?/Why do I have a zero?

All assignments have a “due date.” Please check your weekly announcement to stay on track and you won’t get overwhelmed, if you get behind ask for help quick!

I enter zeros after the “due date” of the assignment. When you complete the assignment the zero will be replaced with the grade you have earned.

My computer shut off in the middle of a quiz/test what should I do?

Kmail me your name and section number along with the assignment and situation and I can reset it.

I can’t get into class. What should I do?

First, remain calm. Then go into your OLS and click on the Class Connect button on the left side. This will take you to a calendar which lists all of your sessions for the day. Just click on the link and you will be signed in automatically!

I missed class. What should I do?

To obtain a recording, click on the Class Connect button in the OLS and use the arrow buttons to navigate to the date on which the live session was held. There you will see a list of recorded sessions that took place on that date. Click on any active link to watch the recording.

Make sure you turn in the Phrase that Pays (PTP). It counts whether you watch the recording or attend the session.

I didn’t find my answer here. What do I do?

You can always Kmail or call any of your teachers and guidance counselor.

You may also consider visiting the K12 FAQ site; it’s very helpful:

CAVA High School “How Do I” Quick Tutorials (All are under 5 minutes) (3:06) (3:51) (1:28) (4:59) (3:17) (4:16) (3:16) (0:59)