Summer Class Series Continues

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Crystal Grid Class

Tuesday, August 13 at 6:30PM – In this class, we will be working with different types of grids and crystals. Learn what grids are and how to activate them to promote continuous flowing energy in you workspace, around your home, or sacred spaces. We'll discuss the various types of grids for healing, manifestation and protection.

Please note: If you want to make a manifestation crystal grid, please bring a picture of what you want to work on (visualization is very important and powerful in grid work). You are more than welcome to bring your own crystals as well!

Cleansing Your Personal Space

Thursday, August 22 at 6:30PM – Cleansing can be a part of everyday life. In this beginner class well will discuss and practice different ways of cleansing, both as a spiritual and empowering practice for us. There are so many ways to cleanse, so we will discuss how to use our hands, crystals, toning, singing bowls, bells, resin, smudge stick, incense, salt, oils, plants and water to get the job done!

Emotions & The Energetic Body

Wednesday, August 28 at 6:30PM – In this beginner class we will discuss the energetic body and the different ways we use our energy. We will learn more about this energy, how it affects us, and how we in turn affect others. We will learn how to read our own energy, and understand the effects of our emotional states on our lives. We will discover why we may have a certain disposition towards another person or circumstance, even if our tendencies seem pointless on the surface. We will also learn how to positively use energy to move away from pain and start healing ourselves.

Gem Elixir Class

Thursday, September 5 at 6:30PM – In Ayurvedic medicine, gems have been used for healing for thousands of years; crushed as pills or placed upon the body to heal ailments. In this class we will discuss the use and properties of gem elixirs, which are special waters attuned with a gemstone's specific vibrational energy. In this way, the properties of a stone can then be applied to the body or taken internally. From stress to lack of sleep, there are so many reasons to use these precious gems and we will discuss how to make a variety of elixirs for all different ailments and purposes.

Please Note: Make sure to bring a notebook!

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Meet Doris...

Inspired by her desire to discover true happiness and self-understanding...Doris began her journey with Reiki in 1999 and was attuned to Reiki in 2001 by her teacher Gloria Franklin Piette of the Therapeutic Resource Center. For five years she did an intensive study with Gloria which lead to her studying with William Rand from the International Center For Reiki. It was with him that she was attuned to the master level of Karuna Reiki. In 2005, Doris established her own Reiki practice, and quickly became a well known practitioner in Northwest Indiana.

Along the way, Doris became a Healing Touch Level 3 practitioner and a Craniosacral Therapy practitioner, which both allow the body the highest opportunity to heal itself. Through her experience in energy work, Doris was able to work with Sr. Judian from the Namaste Center in Laport, Indiana.

Doris has taught nurse and massage therapist practicums specifically in the study of energy modalities, which integrate theory and energy work in clinical practice. She has also lectured on the subject of energy work throughout the midwest to a variety of interest levels, and small and large groups. Through energy work, Doris has successfully empowered women and men from all paths and backgrounds to thrive fully in their own wellness.

In addition to her work in Reiki and energy modalities, Doris has also enjoyed exploring the role of chakras on our wellbeing, and has dedicated over a decade of research in stones and crystal therapy. Doris continues to learn & grow on her exciting journey and wants to inspire people to discover who they truly are on a mental, physical and emotional level.