Footprints International School

January 2020 Newsletter

Message from the School Director

Dear Parents and Community,

Welcome to the January 2020 addition to the Footprints International Schools monthly newsletter. Coming up are many events, our first event will be very soon. I would like to invite you to attend the “Many Flags of Footprints" International Day on February 01, 2020. This year’s event will be held at the Premium Sports Club, located at Street 347, Toul Kork, Phnom Penh. Footprints International Day will start at 9:00 am and last until 12:00 pm. During this event your child will be participating in classroom performances as well as many activities.

“Many Flags of Footprints” International Day is an event that supports our teaching and learning concerning values and priorities. Our Goal is to strengthen the awareness for our teachers and students about significant global issues and reach out to the community.

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We will be representing each country of all of our students at FIS. Currently, at this year’s International day 25 countries will be on display. Each country display booth will have food from the country, games and history displays. Students have been issued FIS mock passports. As they travel from each booth, their passport will be stamped which helps them understand international travel and support our mission on our students becoming Global Citizens.

Again, we hope to see you at the “Many Flags of Footprints” International Day. Come join this fun filled event and help us celebrate your children.

I hope you enjoy the viewing of this month’s newsletter. Our doors are always open, and our goal to provide a safe and enjoyable education experience for your children. I will leave you with this thought by Sir Anthony Seldon, “Education is a once in a lifetime opportunity to open children’s hearts and minds to the unbelievable wonder of the universe.”

Thank you for your support and dedication to FIS.


Mr. Dwayne Lehman, School Director

Message from care principal

Welcome Back from Holiday Break!

As the students and staff returned to school from the Winter Break, students went back to the daily routine of class activities where they focus on improving skills such as classroom behavior, listening, writing, turn taking and a lot more:

1. Spray Painting develops focus, turn taking, muscle strength, hand-eye coordination as the children use their imagination to make abstract Art.

2. Book Character Activity helps the children recognize physical details of the characters in the story.

3. Kinesthetic Learning is using muscular movement in response to visual, auditory and tactile stimulation. The students were allowed to move around and use their small and large muscle groups to obtain information.

Kind regards,

Ms. Joanne Duran,

CARE Principal

CARE Field Trip: Good manners in a Coffee Shop

It was indeed a successful day for the students to visit a café and eat snack together. During this visit, the students practiced queuing, ordering food, reading labels, counting, adding and subtracting money and practicing good manners in a coffee shop.

Field based training contributes to the students’ understanding of the real world. Participating in a field trip provides opportunities to promote empathy, tolerance and critical thinking skills. Our community is an incredible resource for broadening the students world for learning.

BKK Campus, Pre-K2 field trip

On Monday 20th January our Pre-K2B class from BKK campus went to the Indonesian Embassy for a field trip, linked to our December Unit of Study which was “Cultural Celebrations”. Students were given the chance to experience traditional Indonesian music and dance, to play games and use musical instruments, and also to try some Indonesian food.

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Everyone, teaching staff included, had a wonderful time and a lot of fun on the trip. These excursions are an important part of education and offer new and varied experiences that our students can only get from venturing outside of the school. We hope you enjoy the photos and videos of the trip, we have plenty more planned during Term 2 so keep an eye out for the next newsletter!

Ms. Amanda Sillatoc,

Pre-K2 Teacher


It was a fun – packed culminating activity in December last year as our 36 Community Service Club students carried out a 3 – hour Community Outreach Program at Preak Roka Primary School, Preak Roka Commune, Kandal Steung District, Kandal Province. The outreach program was in cooperation with the Child Rights Foundation headed by their Executive Director, Ms. Marady Kong.

The Community Service Club students cheerfully interacted with 26 primary students as the recipients of the outreach through gift giving - (distribution of school supplies, clothing, bags, and other stuffs), raising awareness on basic safety and security, prepared games, and snacks.

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The experience was fun”, Buth Keopytou, Grade 6A.

The outreach allows our students to enhance their teamwork, planning and decision making skills as well as collaboration that promotes kindness and sensitivity to the needs of others.

“I was pleased to participate in the Community Outreach Program as I had the chance to see the students, play with them, and share my knowledge with them. It’s a great feeling sharing happiness with them”, Srey Keo (Solyda), G 7B.

The favourable outcome of the outreach program last December was attributable to the planning/preparations, skills, time, and efforts exerted by the student volunteers. The donors (teachers, staff, and students) of the outreach program were among the people to be grateful for. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!!

Ms. Gemma Bangcal,

Community Service Adviser

FIS Professional Developments

SEN Team Training: Best Practices in Teaching SEN

On January 7, 2020, Special Education Needs (SEN) Team gathered to learn about different teaching strategies. These were attended by the Student Support Coordinators, SEN Teachers, Shadow Teachers and Personal Teaching Assistants (PTA).

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It was a whole day of learning and building teamwork. The staff were given hands-on training on how to execute the techniques. The training was about how we implement Phase 1 of Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) to our students. They also experienced how to make PECS materials.

TK Early Childhood Program Professional Development

Primary program Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a core priority in the Primary program and this month our teachers were provided with three engaging sessions. Mr Dwayne, our director, provided our teachers with two of those sessions. He started by giving our teachers an insight into best practice when it comes to constructing Power Point presentations that engage and ultimately fosters learning for our students. Teachers were given extensive strategies that can be applied to creating that perfect PowerPoint.

Mr Dwayne’s second session fostered a collective approach to re-working Footprint International School’s vision statement. The session fostered collaborative strategies that effectively teased out language that the Primary program believes best embodies the vision we have for our learners. Teachers then drafted vision statements that will be considered when a revised vision statement will be re-written for FIS later in the academic year. ‘Writing workshops,’ was the theme of the final professional development session for our teachers.

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The writing workshop session was provided by Grade partners in Grade 5 at our Toul Kork campus, Ms. Kari and Ms. Alondra. The writing workshop approach is premised with the understanding that when students write, they work through the draft to publishing phase at different levels depending on the student and are therefore given the freedom to work through those phases at their own pace. In conjunction with key teaching points that reiterate areas focused on when students work on their writing pieces and the opportunity for regular, effective feedback from their teacher, the writing workshop approach aims to foster the consistent production of quality pieces of writing. The Primary program is very thankful for the insightful sessions provided by Mr Dwayne, Ms. Kari and Ms. Alondra and will integrate shared strategies into their teaching.

Primary Management

Primary Gallery Walk

Effective displays in classrooms celebrate student success; act as a learning tool to foster independence from our students and act as an instructional tool to foster best practice from our teachers. With the aforementioned in mind, teachers in the Primary Program recently went on gallery walks throughout each other’s classrooms, using displays created by their peers as inspiration for displays in their own classroom. It was a great way for the team to see how each other celebrates their students’ successes and fosters positive learning opportunities for their students through effective visual tools that aim to help students move learning into their long term memory. It was impressive to see how our teachers were able to creatively use a variety of spaces in their classroom as the canvas for their displays.

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Winter 2020 MOOC Camp TESOL Methodology Course

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is open to all educators and learners internationally with the purpose of providing free courses from different universities, colleges and organizations from United States of America. Each participant who will be able to complete a certain course will receive a certificate of completion from the Regional English Language Office at the Embassy of the United States in the Philippines.

The Teachers’ Learning Action Guild in Cambodia (TLAGC), in collaboration with the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) opened in Footprints International School as a Sub Camp of the Phnom Penh MOOC Camp. It is about providing free open online course trainings to ALL teachers and academic staff.

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Orientation was held last Saturday, January 18, 2020, in Footprints International School TK Campus premises. Course Duration is from January 27 – March 2, 2020. This course is provided by UMBC on behalf of the American English E-Teacher Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State with funding provided by the U.S. government and administered by FHI 360.

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We appreciate your strong commitment, dedication, and active participation in our sub-camp. Thank you for all the support and assistance headed by the office of the School Director and its administrative, faculty and staff members, and also to the MOOC steering committee. With much laughter and encouragement, we took another step in learning together. So grateful for the team's full participation and cooperation towards lifelong learning.

Ms. Evangeline Belleza

FIS ECP Teacher

MOOC Steering Committee/Co-Facilitator

Secondary Professional Development

To start the new year off on the right foot, Last January 07,2020 (8:00-11:30) Secondary staff both from TTP and TK campus joined together to attend a Professional development held at the TTP campus. Mr. Dwayne Lehman, School Director gave this quote to start the session

“Learning is an ongoing process, even when it seems that you acquired everything you need, there is something more to be learned”.

Mr. Dwayne introduced and welcome the new members of the Secondary, Dr. Stephen Ronzano -Secondary Principal, Mr. Reywell- PE Teacher, Mr. Hamza Gulam- ESL Coordinator, Mr Teobert Dellava- Art & Health Teacher teacher.

The room was filled with laughter as Mr. Dwayne lead the team in playing a group game which everyone enjoyed “Are you smarter than a 1st grader “.

The main Professional Development was focused on the following:

  1. Death by PowerPoint by Mr.Dwayne Lehman. This topic focuses on strategies in making a power point presentation.
  2. MAP UPDATES by Ms. Juna Bulahao. Revision on the interpretation of MAP test results of students.
  3. Using data to inform instructions by Dr.Stephen Ronzano. This focuses on the different ways in gathering data, how it is interpreted and used as guidelines to drive instructions.
  4. Vision and Mission by Mr. Dwayne Lehman. Secondary team formed groups to collaborate and review the current vision and mission of the school.
  5. Child Protection by Ms. Sokunthea Peng. Refresher Course on how to handle kids in lower years.

Ms. Juna Bulahao,

Secondary Vice Principal

Opening Assembly

On 8 January 2020, I had the pleasure to share a few things with students, staff, and faculty during the opening assembly at the TTP Campus.What I shared was simple and pertinent to the struggles we all face as part of the human race.

The summer before I started to work as Secondary Principal in Thailand there was an upheaval that sent different factions into the streets to protest. That summer I remember the words of the general who was thrust into the spotlight as the one who would have responsibility to safe guard the country and its citizens.

I watched two speeches given by the general to his countrymen. Both times he reinforced the mantra he had chosen for this moment in his country’s history and politics: “Moving Forward”. He admonished his countrymen to think about several things:

  • Unity - reminding us all that any person is capable of causing trouble; that is easy. However, the hardest path is to find a solution that is equitable; one that will bring peace. It is harder to be a problem-solver, but this is what we need to be, and not a problem maker.
  • Respect - to remember what we were taught by our families and our society. Respect for king, culture, religion, each other, and country.
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It seems so simple, yet the hardest things for us to do as human beings are often the simplest things. I asked the FIS staff, students, and faculty as we start this New Year I want them all to put in practice three things. Remember that FIS students, staff, and faculty have:

  • Pride – In what you do and how you look…
  • Be Creative – In what you do and how you solve problems…
  • Have Sensibility – In what you do, think and learn about how you care for yourself and others…

The day prior to the students opening assembly I was able to meet the staff from TTP and TK as we shared in a day of Professional Development. My topic for the morning was “Using Data to Inform Instruction”. It was an invigorating day with a lot of sharing, excitement, learning, and shared laughter.

It has been an awesome four weeks in Phnom Penh with my new FIS family. I am pleased with the potential, energy, vision, and strength I see in the team we have here at TTP. That strength is also seen in every office from IT, Finance, HR, and in the faces of our security, and custodial staff.

Looking forward to a great 2020!

Dr. Stephen Ronzano

Secondary Principal

Cambridge pathway Training

On January 6th, as part of FIS professional development for staff, our Office managers and Parents Liaison Officers went through a refresher presentation on Cambridge pathway. It was a 2 hours presentation and discussion on how Cambridge pathway benefits our students and families.

At the end of the presentation, our OMs and PLOs had fully internalized the updated information from Cambridge, and we looking forward to provide this information to parents and students.

Ms. Sokly Hout,

Operation Manager

FIS Child Protection Refresher course

Everyday interaction at FIS is a life-changing experience by itself both for the students, the teachers and the staff who are working to support the learning experiences. As the year 2020 begins, FIS staff met at various campus to discuss the significant of childhood and child protection.

So far more than 170 office staff, Khmer teachers, expat teacher and especially the Teacher Assistants who works closely with our students have taken the time to reflect on their own childhood, their most memorable memories that they have and what impact their childhood experience have had in their lives. This exercise has proved to be both fun and emotional and served as a trigger to our thoughts about how the students at FIS can be protected from harms, abuses and negligence.

The childhood discussion helped us to understand the need to work on child protection and the compliance to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. FIS will continue to expand such discussion and reflect on our child protection policy and practice and improve the way we work with students continuously.

Ms. Sokunthea Peng,

HR Manager

Khmer Program Professional Development (Child Protection Policy)

Why do Khmer Program teachers need to be trained on Child Protection Policy?

Child Protection Policy (CPP) is a consistent set of guidelines and procedures surrounding the area of child protection which are appropriate and practical for use in the context of the Kingdom of Cambodia. It deals with expected behavior of staff at Footprints International School, protecting students in school through education of staff and appropriate teaching, hiring, reporting and checking procedures, and recognizing and responding to suspected or alleged abuse occurring outside of school.

Like staff from other departments, Khmer Program teachers have regularly trained and signed on the CPP. However, on January 7, 2020, we spent time for 2 hours to go through the policy point by point in detail. We want to make sure that all teachers are clear and keep abreast of the policy. Every day they meet students, teach students, educate students, take care of students, and communicate with students as the main tasks of their job. Fully comprehending the policy helps teachers deal with any problem concerning with students smoothly and effectively.

Teachers were so engaged and enjoyed the training. They worked in groups to discuss, reflect, and present the policy to each other. They even raised the example of the problems and solutions they have used to share with the team. It is worth having such training.

Mr. Dara Pring,

Khmer Principal

Mock Exam for Grade 9 and 12 National Exam

Even though the national exam will be held on August 3-4, 2020 for grade 9 and August 17-18, 2020 for grade 12, we have to have our students be ready from now. Therefore, from January 13 to January 18, 2020, at TTP Campus, Khmer Program prepared the final semester 1 as the first mock for National Exam of Grade 9 and 12.

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Every year, we prepare the mock exam two times, which is in January and May. The exam helps students know how to find their name, room number, and seat number, do the tests properly, and be aware of rules and regulations during the actual national exam.

The scores from the mock exam can give a sign for students themselves, teachers, and the program management team what they should do to support students for being successful in the national exam. This means that we can help our students with any subject they are struggling in a timely manner.

Mr. Dara Pring,

Khmer Principal

Meet the new members of fis learning community

Dr. Stephen Ronzano, Secondary Principal

Dear FIS Family,

Some words of introduction about me for the students, families, staff, and wonderful teachers at FIS, Phnom Penh. First-of-all, I am a California boy born and raised. I have worked as an educator for 39 years. Most of these years, 33 to be exact have been in California. In that time, I have been a youth director, aquatics coach for boys and girls swimming and water polo. I have taught as an English teacher for middle and high school, and served as a technical college English lecturer for IT and Business students. I have served as a university counselor and lecturer for University One - “Introduction to University” in the California State University system, the largest university system in the United States.

While studying in university I elected to move abroad for my junior year and I did my student teaching in Cheltenham, England in Religious O Levels. While abroad I have been an English teacher in Salvador, Bahia, Brasil. I have served as an educational consultant for Center of Excellence in Astana, Kazakhstan. During that time I worked with faculty of education, Cambridge University to provide “Best Practices” professional development and Masters Classes for faculty and administration in the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools. I also participated in local and national conferences to present papers and research related to “Best Practices”. In Myanmar I was a WASC Coordinator elementary science and grade 9 English teacher. In Thailand I served as Head of Department, English, and then a year later as the Secondary Principal. I have lived and worked in California, England, Brasil, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Thailand, and Qatar, and now my new home in Phnom Penh.

After interviewing with Director Lehman I was excited about the possibilities of working in Southeast Asia again, and particularly, with FIS Phnom Penh. After a contract was extended to me, I was overwhelmed. At that moment I knew I would be part of an amazing administrative team in Cambodia changing the city and country one life and one student at a time.

Big picture

My goal for this year is to help the first senior class prepare for what their future holds for them. They will be “change agents” for the next generation, and inspiration for the classes that will follow them in the years to come. At FIS parents, staff, teachers, and administration all have an important job; make each student the best that they can be by listening, helping, encouraging, and mentoring them.

In my office you will see a sign I have brought with me from California. It was a constant reminder and encouragement for all of my students; “Work Hard, Have Fun, No Drama”. The goal I have for students this year is not just to help them prepare for the future, but to understand the value of hard work and to receive the blessings and benefits of their hard work each-and-every day!

It is with excitement, and a humble heart, that I prepare for this year with all of you at FIS!

Best Regards,

Dr. Stephen Ronzano,

Secondary Principal

Mr. Ramon Panlilio, Learning support coordinator

My name is Ramon Jose Asuncion Panlilio. I am from the City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines. I studied Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education at Holy Angel University, Angeles City. Late last year, I finished my academic requirements for the degree in Master of Arts in Special Education - De La Salle University, Manila. I am planning to enroll in a doctorate program, so I am currently working on a thesis and hopefully *fingers crossed* be conferred with the degree this year.

Big picture

I started my career as an Elementary Science Teacher. I took a break from teaching and tried to do something else. I got a job as Researcher for a government agency. But teaching is probably my calling; I was offered to join the public-school system. The Department of Education specifically asked me to put up a class in a rural area that would cater children with autism and intellectual disabilities; the first in that district. When the program was up and running, I left. I was a very young teacher then, I reckoned I needed more experience. So, I applied for a job in an international school in Angeles City. I was hired as the Enrichment Program Coordinator. Unfortunately, I had to leave because I need to finish one of the requirements for my master’s, i.e., Internship Program. I had my internship in a therapy center where I was mentored by veteran occupational therapists, and speech and language pathologists. After the internship program, I was offered a job by the therapy center as the resident Special Education Consultant. And now, for the first time, I’m overseas and working as the new Learning Support Coordinator of our school.

I am ecstatic to be here. I can’t wait to learn from everyone, and to share what I know and learned from other institutions. See you all around!

Mr. Ramon Jose Panlilio

Learning Support Coordinator

Mr. Teobert Dellava, Secondary Art & Health Teacher

I am a Mindanao – Philippines based artist who works mainly in Impressionism Painting. I am a certified Art Teacher and a degree in Bachelor of Science in Midwifery Major in Educational Management and two years in Medicine.

A principal theme of my work is landscape and nature, and I'm also concerned with issues surrounding climate change. I tried to express both of these elements through my art, and finds the challenging medium of watercolor, and acrylic to be perfect reflection for the often uncontrollable world around us.

As an art teacher my goal for student's learning is to be able to showcase my own work and allow students to do the same. To be able to teach students basic techniques and encourage them to take the techniques further. I must be courageous and able to inspire students to practice skills that may be uncomfortable at first. I should be well versed in visual and graphic arts to allow students to explore different mediums.

All my life I have been driven by my strong belief that every child should have access to a high quality art education. Art Education changes lives. I know that it changed mine. No child should be denied the trans-formative power of a great art education. I’m proud of that record and consider it a tremendous privilege now to work with Footprints International School and its vast network of dedicated people, institutions and countries who are just as passionate about the importance of Art education.

Mr. Teobert Dellava,

Art & Health Teacher

Mr. Reywel Francisco, Secondary Physical Education Teacher

My name is Reywel Francisco with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Certified in Physical Education and Sports. I finished my Business Management at San Sebastian College Recoletos, Manila, Philippines. I pursue my passion in Education and get a Certification in Physical Education and Sports, Western Colleges.

I was the PE Teacher, Business Teacher, Athletics Moderator and Head of the PE Department in the Philippines, San Sebastian College Recoletos-Cavite and Lyceum of the Philippines University-Cavite.

I am an International Baccalaureate trained and certified teacher and have worked in Malaysia, Vietnam, and China and moved to Cambodia and join Footprints International School this year. I love the outdoors, learning other culture, meeting new friends and playing different sports.

As a PE teacher, I strongly believe that we need to teach the learners not only about body movement awareness but also lessons that can be applied in real life situations such as being a critical thinker, great problem solver, and how to be a team player. Exposing the learners in different sports activities and method of fitness can better provide enjoyment of physical activity, as well as social, psycho-motor, and cognitive skills. I strive to safely provide the means for students to enjoy physical activity, be knowledgeable in health related fitness and help them discover ways to continue to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Mr. Reywel Francisco

Secondary PE Teacher

Mr. Hamza Gulam, English as a Second Language (ESL) Coordinator

Mr. Hamza Gulam arrived to Footprints International School (FIS) from the Philippines. Mr. Hamza has a Bachelor in Secondary Education with a major in English. After graduation from university, he taught English classes for 3 years in the Southern Islands of the Philippines. Mr. Hamza then moved to the Northern area of the Philippines and worked in an International School as the ESL Coordinator. Additionally, he teachers dance troupe and he is a 1st Dan Belt in Karate. In his free time, he enjoys singing and arts.

Mr. Hamza's vision is to facilitate and effective ESL Program, focusing on proficiency in areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking for the students at FIS. His passion for teaching and instruction is to foster success for the students and promote knowledge and skill development based on best practices and 21st century skills. His efforts and goal is to help the students in their journey of education and to be ready for the vigorous levels within the Cambridge Curriculum.

Mr. Hamza Gulam,

ESL Coordinator

Footprints International School

Mission: FIS empowers our learners to discover their potential in a nurturing environment through innovative instruction, challenging and collaborative activities, and exposure to diverse perspectives.

Vision: A community of responsible, determined, and compassionate learners who make meaningful contributions to humanity.

Values: Compassion, Determination, Responsibility