Digital Coaches' Corner

Week 9 January 13,2015

PARCC- Our Current Favorite Site

Are you looking for PARCC resources? Do your students need to know how to use the tools? Assessment The Next Generation is a great resource for all subject areas.

Select the subject you want to review at the top. Many of the subjects have sample assessments and resources by topic. The math section even has resources by the tool so that students get more practice with the equation editor, the ruler, the calculator, and the protractor. The best part is you get to select the appropriate level for your students.

Classroom of the Week: Miss Megan Taake's 8th Grade STEM classes

In 8th Grade STEM at the High School, Miss Taake's class is just finishing up a structural engineering unit. Within that unit, they learned about Rube Goldberg and how he was able to take a very simple task and turn it into something very complicated. The students used google drawings to create "Rube Inspired" cartoons and then were put into groups to create machines based on the game Mouse Trap. The students had to build their machines on a 2ft. x 2ft. foam board and they could only use approved supplies. Each machine needed 5 steps and had to use 2 different simple machines. After completing the machines, students used Movie Maker to create their own highlight video for the machines created by their class. Be sure to check out the amazing machines in the videos below.
Rube Goldberg Movie 1
Rube Golberg video
My Movie
STEM Videos