Saber Tooth Tiger

Andrew Vigil

About the Saber Tooth Tiger

The Saber Tooth Tiger was an species that went extinct about 10,000 years ago. The species is know to go extinct around the same time as the dinosaurs did, and also around the Ice Age. The tiger gets its name from its insanely long 7 inch canine teeth.

Where could it be found?

The Saber Tooth's roamed around the lands of mid-western United States and were to be found in parts of North and South America. It is said that the Saber Tooth and the modern day tigers, that can be found in the jungles of Asia, are not closely related. It was believed that the animal would eat herbivorous animals such as deer and bison.

What they were thought to look like.

More about the Saber Tooth

Facts about the Saber Tooth

The tigers jaw can open to an 90 degree angle but the jaws weren't very powerful. They were a very built animal which meant that they were not as fast but were very strong. They weighted up to 440 pounds and would stand 3 feet tall, and 4-5 feet long.
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