Cradle to Cradle: Altoids

The Original Celebrated Curiously Strong Mints: Evana Flores

They were originally made of cardboard cartons until the 1920s. They are now made from pure tin. The packaging includes wax paper lined on the inside to keep the mints fresh. The altoids originated in London by the Smith & Company confectionery firm. Tin is extracted from various ores, chiefly from Cassiterite (SnO2). The metal is produced from reducing the oxide ore with coal in a reverbatory furnace.Tin is primarily used to solder electric circuits as an alloy with lead.

How It can Be Used:

Altoid tins are known to be reusable for many different things of wide varieties. They are major conductors of electricity. Here are some things altoid tins can be used for according to pinterest DIY projects:

  • battery package
  • speaker
  • hold items like sewing needles and bobby pins, paper clips, coins
  • first aid survival kits
  • flashlight
  • fire starter
  • emergency candle


Metals are some of the easiest things to recycle. Altoids specifically fall in this category and are recycled just like cans. The local recycling center usually has a large dumpster for "scrap metal." The Altoids containers are a kind of steel, plated with another metal to prevent corrosion. They go in the same bins as metal food cans to be melted and recycled.

How Will I Reuse This Product

I will use altoids tins to make my own candles to burn fragrances in my home instead of 0purchasing store bought candles that are composed with many types of chemicals to enhance candles. This will not only repurpose the use of an altoids tin, but it will improve the environment by not harming bio-diversity.

Additionally, I will store my guitar picks in altoid tins instead of throwing them away.


Currently, our nation is at its highest peak with destruction in the environment due to non recyclable products and careless contaminators from air pollution etc. When products such as altoid tins are not recycled, they can affect the bio-diversity of our wildlife and natural plants around us by cluttering the environment with products that are not "green" and chemicals that could kill off species. It can also affect the natural habitats of living organisms, therefore its its essential that we continue to recycle our earthly products.