5 Themes of Austin

Audrey Cardle


I think this picture is a good picture for representing Austin's location because the red dot pinpoints the absolute location of Austin and it also shows the relative location by showing Texas with Austin located inside it and having other states surrounding Texas.

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I think this picture represents Austin's place because as you know Austin is the music capitol of Texas. Austin is also very involving with activities and people in Austin love to get outside and participate in things, I mean, that's what this website is partly for... spreading information about Austin's activities. A lot of times people just like to walk around downtown and shop in little stores. ( Or at least I know I do!)

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This picture best represents Texas's region because it divides Texas into 6 different pieces. This picture basically tells u where each major city of Texas is. As you can see Austin is smack in the middle and its the smallest one but it still pretty big.

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As we all know Austin is a constant changing place because there are so many kinds of people and their all different in their own way. I thought this was a good picture for Austin movement because this is what a part of Austin look like now but in a year it will look totally different. What I'm trying to say is that people are constantly adapting to Austin because it changes a lot and that's what people like about it.

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Human: Environment Interaction

I think these 3 pictures represent Austin's environmental interactions best because they show people kayaking like people do on town lake. These pictures also show how there is a lot of areas with water around Austin. I mostly think the pictures describe Austin because mostly everyone that lives in Austin is an outdoors person and as you can see there are many water attractions and there are also a lot of walking/biking trails.