How the Healthcare System Affects the Middle Class

The Increase In Taxes Kills the Middle Class

Obamacare will eventually impose about 500 billion dollars worth of taxes and fees. This is due to a new tax on high-cost insurance plans, and other taxes creates created by the increased fees on pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, and medical device manufacturers. The Medicare Payroll Tax will also be increased from to close to 4%. This will only affect a certain threshold of people making close to around $150,000-$250,000 a year. But it is said that towards the end of the long range projection period abut 80% of workers will pay the tax.

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More Trouble for the Middle Class

Another problem is the increase in the price of insurance premiums. This is due to the fact that insurance companies now have to provide service for any customer with pre-existing conditions. The only way the companies can cover people with these conditions is by obtaining more money from customers. Another problem is that millions of people in the middle class are losing their insurance policies. The new minimum requirements for deductibles, co-pay, services, and out-of-pocket expenses is not being met, so policies are being cancelled.

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Its Time to Stop Hitting the Middle Class So Hard

With all these taxes and increased premiums, you take away a lot of money from the majority of Americans. This money can be used for business and the economy. When you take it away, it makes the "poorer" class bigger and bigger each day. Its making every American equally poor. This is not direction America needs to be heading. It is time for a change.