The Carley Party

By: Hannah Mavrich

Current Issue



A problem with our immigration system today, is that immigrants can come into our country whenever they want. Today out of all the immigrants that are living in the United States, 11.7 million of them are here illegally. With immigrants coming in to our country, it makes us have less jobs which then hurts our economy. Another problem that is wrong with our immigration system is that some immigrants are given temporary citizenship. The Carley party believes that these immigrants that abuse their temporary citizenship and stay here longer than they are allowed, should be sent home and there will be no more temporary citizenship.

Pros/ Cons about Immigration System

There are no pros to the immigration system today. A con to the immigration system today is that they don't do a lot of detailed descriptions on people's background checks. Another con to the immigration system today is that we give temporary citizenship to immigrants and they abuse it. They stay in our country longer then they are supposed to.

Pros/ Cons about Tighter Borders

The pro about having tighter borders is that there will be no more illegal immigrants in our country and our economy will boost. Another pro is that there will be less Americans on welfare and food stamps because they will be forced to work. A con about having tighter borders is that America will not have a lot of “friends” to trade with or to help them if they get into a war they can’t fight on their own.