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World War Z, is one of the most sustained examples of this. The cinematography was quite impressive but the overall result was oh-so-dull. I am sure there was a "point" but I just could not be bothered to try to understand it.

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It beggars belief that the crummy hacks out there calling themselves critics say this movie is a "masterpiece" and draws comparison with Kubrick's 2001. Is it because of the slow pace and special effects? Kubrick used those for a reason: to tell a story, to help advance the plot and create a sense of expectation and/or suspense.

World War Z is nothing like that, because there's simply no plot. You don't know who to root for or sympathize with. There's no hero, no challenge, no arc. It's just a 2 1/2 hour collage of short scenes. I saw several people leaving the room after just 15 minutes of projection; others kept checking their watches every few minutes (myself included.) (3) Do they ever explain in the film exactly how the zombies would be affected by burning the dolls? And why wouldn't Gerry just run back to the secret passage to his house? I'd also like to ask why he needed ZOMBIES from various nations. They did say that he was loose with his money, but nobody ever said he was going on a journey not unlike Phileas Fogg's. I was telling myself to "stay calm", to "be patient" and I thought my patience was rewarded when started the part with the family-friendly zombie outbreak scenes.(4) Then, just as the tension in the final scene comes to a head, the film ends, just as befuddlingly and cryptically (no pun intended) as it began.