Life as we knew it

It takes place in a time were an asteroid is about to hit the moon and everyone is exited for the collision. Until the asteroid hit the moon and the moon moved closer the scientist miscalculated the mass of the asteroid.The asteroid hit the moon and caused it to come closer to The Earth. The moon caused tsunamis and earthquakes.

Things kept getting worse around the family the moon made tsunamis, earthquakes, volcano's erupt, and cold weather because of the ash and smoke from the volcanoes.

A year later the electricity came on for the first time in a year. Miranda went to the town hall and there was food.

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Anti-Electricity go to your local store

The electricity stops working
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Hospital accepting bodies

Mrs. Nesbitt dies and Matt takes her to the hospital to be cremated
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Free food at city hall

Miranda goes to the post office to see if there's a letter from Dad and when she is coming back she goes to the city hall who's giving out free food and water.


I like the book because it was very dramatic. It had a slow start but once it picked up it didn't slow down.