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News for the week of September 27, 2021

Tusculum View Mission Statement

Tusculum View has a heart for ALL kids by providing engaging opportunities to achieve excellence.

Good Afternoon Tiger Families,

I hope everyone had a good weekend. We are looking forward to another great week of learning and fun for kids!

The days are passing quickly as we head into cooler weather and fall leaves changing. I am happy to see the great things taking place in our classrooms each day. Encouraging your students to read daily and do their best in school means so much to the level of excitement and commitment students make to their studies. These early years is the foundation to their future and we work hard each to ensure that foundation is a strong, solid one to achieve the dreams they dare to dream!

Please do not send your students to school if they have fever and multiple COVID symptoms. We love seeing your students at school and they need to be there to learn, but we do not want to take the chance of spreading the virus if they have fever or multiple symptoms. We can test them at school if you would like to call Nurse Sally and set this up. PLEASE DON'T GIVE STUDENTS TYLENOL OR ADVIL TO LOWER A FEVER IN ORDER TO SEND THEM TO SCHOOL.

Hope everyone has a great week and stay well!,

Dr. Luttrell

Picture retakes are tomorrow, September 27th at 8 am.

If you do not like your student's picture or were absent for the picture session, please be ready for pictures in the morning. They may wear any color they choose for fall pictures.

Fall picture proofs and orders (from 1st picture day) are due this Friday, October 1st by 3 pm.

Walk-A-Thon Results

OH.. MY..GOODNESS!!! Our Tigers outdid themselves raising money for our school!! The GSIA goal was $15,000 (wow!).... BUT in true TVES tradition, everyone went ABOVE AND BEYOND!! We raised $18,644.50!!!!

Thank you GSIA and all volunteers for ALL of your support, planning, and hard work to make this event such a success!

You may continue to turn in money, but are no longer eligible for prizes.

How about all that hard work! I am so proud of our school and community! THANK YOU for supporting our students and staff! Tusculum View is a VERY SPECIAL PLACE and it is because of the PEOPLE and LOVE they have for learning, students, and the traditions of Tusculum View.

Here are our Winners!

Top Earner for school - Elijah Lynch

Top Laps for school - Ryleigh Neal, Andreas Bowman, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Beverly Freshour (honorable mention)

Kindergarten - Top Laps - Ryleigh Neal, Lucas Hensley; Top Earner - Elijah Lynch

First Grade - Top Laps - Kennedi Campbell, Charlie Perez; Top Earner - Alexander Previtera

Second Grade - Top Laps - Merrit Brotherton, Blakely Crum, Kielor Roark, Collin Vance; Top Earner - Rebeccah Sparks

Third Grade- Top Laps - Evelyn Perez, Nolan Venerable; Top Earner - Christian Gray

Fourth Grade - Top Laps - Elsie Rogers, Mason Boatman; Top Earner - Max Gilbert

Fifth Grade - Top Laps - Wendy Mejia Olivares, Andres Bowman; Top Earner - Geogi Wilson

Dr. Luttrell will be KISSING A PIG AND EATING A BUG since we exceeded our Walk-a-thon goal!!! Way to go Tigers!Stay tuned this week for this jawdropping event!!!

Important Information

  • Picture Retakes 9/27 at 8 am.
  • All students eat breakfast and lunch free this school year. If you would like for your child to eat breakfast please arrive by 7:45 in order to allow time for them to eat as class begins at 8 am.
  • When dropping students off at side parking lot in the mornings, please DO NOT turn LEFT out of the parking lot. Right turns only during drop off and dismissal.
  • Please DO NOT get out of your car in car line to help your student get out of or in to the car. If you need to do this, please pull over in to a parking space.

Bus transportation

If you have questions about bus pick up or drop off times or need to add bus transportation, please reach out to Kristen Rollins at 423.787.8003. If you are changing your mode of transportation that you selected during registration, even if for just one day, you will need to submit this in writing to Mrs. Mary before it can be changed. An email is acceptable, but it MUST BE RECEIVED BY 12:30 pm.

We cannot accept a phone call to change to/from riding the bus, walking, or pick up. Thank you for your help in this matter. Safety of our students and getting them home to you is our top priority!

Please remember that we will not be able to allow vehicles to begin lining up in our parking lots or the side roads until 2:55 pm for afternoon student pickup.

Please do not block the roads waiting for pick up before 2:55 pm. GPD traffic officers will be on patrol.

COVID Guidance

There are many questions about symptoms regarding COVID and whether to send students to school or have them tested. Please see the chart below to help determine what you should do if your child has symptoms. High risk symptoms are in red, low risk in bold black.

You can also learn more about our COVID protocols by visiting the following link:



Big picture


If your child misses a day a school, per policy you must submit written documentation to the school office within two days of the child returning to school. You are allowed three parent notes per semester.

    1. Several ways to submit your written documentation
      1. Send written parent note, doctor, dentist, or therapy note with your child to school. Your child will give the written note to their teacher and it will be sent down to the school office.
      2. Email your excuse to Mrs. Mary at freshourm@gcschools.net
      3. Fill out the Online Absentee Reporting. This is found on Tusculum View Website at the top click Report Absence. Remember to give the reason why your child was absent from school.

Please refer to the guidelines below for new Truancy laws and procedures from the state of TN.

Big picture
Big picture

If you have had a change in address, phone numbers, or emergency contacts, please contact the school at 423.639.2751 ASAP to get your information updated.


Visit our school store to get Tiger apparel to show your school spirit and Tiger Pride! You may purchase and pay on our site. Merchandise will be sent home with your student when it arrives.

TV Online School Store

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