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May 11-15

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Parents, does your son or daughter have items at school?

The district has rolled out their plan for student return/retrieval of items left at Keith. Dates and times have been established for you to pick up your child's materials.

Our teachers are busy at work gathering your child's possessions in order to help this process run as smoothly as possible. Our administrative team, large group teachers and support staff will be dedicated to facilitating this unique process. Teachers are working remotely and will not be present at the curbside return/retrieval event.

As much as we would love to visit and hug you all, we are not able to do that at this time. We must all practice social distancing in order to keep everyone as safe as possible. The most important thing to remember is the safety of all of us. Our health and safety protocols must not be modified.

The schedule, by last name is provided below the map.

  • Cars will pull into the cafeteria drive where a staff member will request your student name(s) and homeroom teacher.
  • If you need to retrieve your child's medicine, you will indicate this to the staff member taking your last name. Please bring a pen to sign for your child's medication.
  • Cars will be directed to stop at specific cones.
  • A staff member will collect any library books or items you need to return. Please look for an email from Liz Budnek (the Keith Library) for a notification of library books checked out to your child. Please stay in your car and have the items ready on the passenger side.
  • Another staff member will bring your child's items on a cart to your car. Our teachers will have your child's belongings packed up in a bag. Please open your trunk so that your items can be placed in the trunk.
  • Cars will be dismissed together in a group by a staff member directing traffic. Please wait for the signal to exit.

Please look at the map below and notice the one-way that cars will be allowed to enter. You will need to enter from Fairfield Green and turn right in our parking lot. This is the regular car rider line.

This plan begins on Monday, May 11th and we are hopeful that it will run efficiently and as smoothly as possible for our Cougar families and limited staff members working it. Please be patient with each staff member as we return and retrieve items from you and your sweet children. The lines could be long and move slowly but know that we are doing our very best to serve you. We miss you and your children dearly. Stay safe and healthy.


Mrs. Tryon

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Schedule (Organized by Last Name)

Monday, May 11

A-B (9 am-11 am)

C-E (11 am-1 pm)

F-H (1:30 pm-3 pm)

Tuesday May, 12

I-L (1 pm-2:30 pm)

Wednesday, May 13

M-O (9 am-11 am)

P-R (11 am- 1 pm)

S-U (1:30 pm-3 pm)

Thursday, May 14

V-Z (1 pm-2:30 pm)

  • If the scheduled time using your last name creates a conflict for you, you may come during another scheduled time, but please avoid all Day 1 slots as we do not want to increase the volume of cars while we are fine tuning this plan.

A message from our Assistant Principals

As we begin to prepare for the 2020-2021 school year, we welcome the opportunity for parents to provide their input on the characteristics of a teacher and learning environment that they feel would best serve the academic needs for your child’s success.

When making a request, a teacher’s professional characteristics and instructional approach should be listed, not a specific teacher’s name. Also, include your child’s name and a contact number. Please submit your request via email no later than May 22, 2020 to the Assistant Principal that corresponds to your child’s grade for the next school year.

Requests for grades Kindergarten, 2nd and 4th should be addressed to:

Requests for grades 1st, 3rd and 5th should be addressed to:

Message from the PEAM Teachers

Hi Keith families! We are missing our Cougars so much! We have created a PEAM Flipgrid – it’s one stop for you to find PE, Art, and music activities from your Keith PEAM team!

The link is

Once you are on the page, there are 3 topics in a white drop-down menu across the middle of the screen: PE, Art and Music. We will add a new activity/video to each topic each week. To protect the privacy of students, we will not require video or photo responses within the flipgrid- these topics are “frozen.” Please let us know if you need any help or have questions! – Art – Music – PE - PE

Message from Mrs. Budnek, Mrs. Carroll and Mrs. Sudtelgte

Here is this week's issue of The Cougar Corner.
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Message From Mrs. Lamarche

Dear Families,

UPDATE!: All Square 1 Art orders made starting from 7 PM EST, Monday, April 13 through June 30,2020, will be shipped directly to your home. This will be a Retail Order and have a limited time flat fee of $4.95 at checkout. This change has been made by Square 1 Art in order to provide an easy, safe way for you to receive your order due to school closings. (After June 30, 2020, Retail Orders may still be made online, but the shipping fee will change to our regular Retail Order ship fees.)

Simply click on the Square 1 Art shopsite, and click on "Find Your Child's Art", and enter state, school name, and your child's name. Your child's art code will then appear. Once you enter your child's art code provided, you may then view your child's art, and order products! (Mobile Users: If you are already logged in to your Square 1 Art account, and do not see "Find Your Child's Art", scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on "view full site" and the page will re-load and you will see "Find Your Child's Art".)

If you have questions, or need anything at all, please contact customer care at or 888.332.3294x1 or contact Customer Care Online.

Stay Safe & Healthy,

Julie LaMarche

Square 1 Art school coordinator

Keith Elementary

Customer Care 888.332.3294x1

Contact Customer Care Online

Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Registration for 2020-2021

Registration for Pre-K and Kindergarten will take place in August along with new student registration. There will be no pre-registration of students.
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Planning on Moving over the summer?

Please follow the instructions on the download below if you plan to move this summer.

Curbside Meals for Families Needing Assistance

  • 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, Monday-Friday. They will receive breakfast and lunch.
  • Meals are available for children 18 years and younger meals at any CFISD school listed; this is not dependent on where the student is enrolled.
  • See curbside service pick-up procedures (effective 3/30/20).
  • Schools available for curbside meals: Anthony MS, Arnold MS, Bane ES, Bleyl MS, Cy Creek HS, Cy Lakes HS, Cy Park HS, Cy Ridge HS, Cy Springs HS, Danish ES, Francone ES, Frazier ES, *Goodson MS, Holbrook ES, Horne ES, Kahla MS, Kirk ES, Langham Creek HS, Thornton MS.

*Closest site to Keith Elementary