The Immune System

BY Johnathan Miron

What is the immune system?

The immune system is a very important system that is processed in your body. Its job is to kill various types of diseases, infections and viruses that enter your body. It consists various types of cells, organs and it has a particular process.

Fast Facts

- The immune system encounters various types of diseases everyday.

- The more healthy you are the better your immune system is.

- Having less than 5 hours of sleep a night has shown to greatly depress the immune function in your body.

- Too much sunshine can suppress your immune system.

- The number one way to boost your immune system is to reduce stress.


The immune system finds and kills several micro-organisms everyday. The most common diseases are asthma, certain types of colds. All these diseases are caused by antigens invading the human body. If the same disease enters your body, your immune system will eliminate it with less difficulties. If the disease is new then your immune system will take longer to eliminate it, this is what causes you to be ill. These diseases can enter your body by wind, air, food, liquids and several more.


The immune system is made of several different cells. The main cell is the white blood cell. As you can see, the diagram below displays all cells that are in your immune system.


The process of the immune system is a very important role for protecting your body. As you can see, the diagram below displays the process.


The immune system consists of 11 organs. As you can see the diagram below displays all the 11 organs. The organs below are what make the immune system run.

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Immune System

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