Introduction to the Landmark Forum

What is Landmark?

Landmark is a company that listens for and reliably delivers that which makes a real difference in what people are dealing with and what they really care about

and in the process, leaves them transformed with more power, freedom, full self-expression, and peace of mind.

Saturday, Nov. 16th 2013 at 7-10pm

400 North 34th Street, Suite 205, Seattle WA 98103


7pm - Welcome

1st Part of the Evening - Work with Possibility

8pm - Short Break

2nd Part of the Evening - What happens in the Landmark Forum

9:30pm - Opportunity to Register

10pm - Evening Ends

Items to Bring:

Yourself - however you are and whatever you are dealing with is perfect.


Form of Payment (Cash, Credit Card, Check)

There will be an opportunity to register and Landmark is committed to excellent customer service. Landmark, it's staff, and the people who lead their programs are committed that anyone attending their introductions leave with a new possibility for their lives and empowered in their choice to register or not and satisfied with the process that led to their choice.

This will be unlike anything else you have ever come across so come with a desire to discover something for yourself and prepared to register into the Landmark Forum so that if that is your choice you are fully prepared to do so as some of the programs may have a time limitation and you may have to register that night to take advantage of the program you want.

More about Landmark

Feel free to check out their website for more information and you can also watch an interactive video that takes about 30 mins to click through that tells you a little more about the Forum and the kinds of results that people experience.

Thanks for coming!

I am looking forward to seeing you there and excited that you accepted my invitation to check out this incredible company.