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Sydney Oprah House

They are many attractions in Sydney, but one the popular ones is The Sydney Oprah House, for the interior, and the exterior for it. The exterior is made to look like sails of a boat, it is near shore so from a distance it looks like a boat sitting near shore. The Interior is what almost all people would call deluxe, large chandelier with red carpet and special lighting. It cost around $100 million to build. Here are the prices for the tour: If you go alone it cost $30 dollars, but if with family it cost around $90 dollars. The Oprah House is an attraction but also and entertainment sight for major events. They say it is an amazing experience and if you have time it is a must see!


In Sydney the hotels are great. The best one is the the Park Hyatt Sydney hotel, and at a heft price of $755 dollars minimum. A nice affordable hotel is the Glasgow Arms Hotel, at 4 stars the price is a range from $99-$200 per day. But if that isn't in your budget a nice quit hotel is in your way, The Cambridge Lodge Guest House is a 3.5 star hotel. This hotel ranges $45-$100 dollars a night.

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Where is Sydney?

Map of Sydney, Australia

This map will show you where Sydney is in Australia. Sydney is located in the Southern Eastern part of Australia. Sydney is the capital of Australia.
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