Helen of Troy

Sal Vitale

How was Helen of Troy born?

Well there are two myths of how Helen of Troy was born. Some say that Leda, The Sparta queen was raped by Zeus and had Helen, and Pollux. Others say that Zeus seduced Nemesis and she laid two eggs. Then a Shepard discovered the two eggs: Helen and Pollux, and brought them to Queen Leda, who took care of the eggs until they hatched and then raised them as her own.
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Early life

At the age of twelve Helen was kidnapped. She was kidnapped by the hero Theseus, who planned to make Helen his future wife. Under the care of Theseus's mother he locked her away in Attica Greece. While he was away Helen's brothers Castor and Pollux saved her and brought her back home to Sparta. Although a few stories state that while she was there she gave birth to a daughter.


Shortly after Helen's return to Sparta, Tyndareus decided that it was time for Helen to marry. People came from all over Greece hoping to marry the beautiful Helen of Troy. A lot of these people where powerful people and leaders around Greece. Tyndareus was scared to pick and anger one, which might cause a problem for his kingdom. She married Menelaus.

Later Life

For awhile Helen and Menelaus lived happily together. They had a son and daughter, but their life together came to a sudden end. While he was away Paris took her and when Menelaus came back and discovered she was gone he organized a huge patrol. She is the reason that the Trojan war started between The Trojans and Greeks. During the war Paris died and when it ended she was reunited with Menelaus . Then they moved backed to Sparta and lived happily.


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