Valley Street Jail

The Best Jail on Valley Street

Why have a Jail?

To hold criminals of course. Not only does it hold criminals but it also hold people waiting for their trial. But there is even more to it than that. Once the guests are nearing the end of their stay, the lovely assistants at the jail help them find jobs to get them on their feet. Popular jobs that they get are working at Dunkin Donuts, or McDonalds, so this way they have a little running start when they get out.

Inmate Living Situation


Inmates get to live with roommate, unfortunately they are not chosen, they are randomly assigned. Food is prepared for them, peanut butter and jelly is a crowd favorite. There is delegated eating times and cooperation is mandatory. There is a couple tv's in each wing but there is no arguing over what is put on...period. Complementary weight bench and full body work out machine, only can be used during free times. All other times you must stay in your bunk.

Gender Inclusive

We do not segregate! Women are accepted too. Separated from the men for health and safety reason, they have a comfortable space to stay during their incarceration.

We Hope you Enjoy Your Stay

Come back and visit soon!