Standards Based Grading


What is Standards Based Grading?

"...measuring students' proficiency on well-defined course objectives."

ASCD. "Seven Reasons for Standards-Based Grading." Seven Reasons for Standards-Based Grading. Educational Leadership.

7 Reasons for Standards-Based Grading

Reason 1: Grades Should Have Meaning
Reason 2: We Need to Challenge the Status Quo
Reason 3: We Can Control Grading Practices
Reason 4: Standards-Based Grading Reduces Meaningless Paperwork
Reason 5: It Helps Teachers Adjust Instruction
Reason 6: It Teaches What Quality Looks Like
Reason 7: It's a Launchpad to Other Reforms

FAQ about Standards-Based Grading

1. What is the purpose of Standards Based Grading?

"To accurately represent students' abilities rather than the assignments or extra credit they complete."

2. How does Standards-Based Grading work?

"Units are divided into standards/targets, and students earn a grade for each standard/target."

3. What are the advantages of using Standards-Based Grading?

  • "Focuses on student achievement. Clearly defines where the child is in terms of curricular expectations."
  • "Learning targets are consistently identified and reinforced to students throughout instruction."
  • "Students, parents, and teachers can easily see which learning targets have been mastered and which are in need of re-teaching or enrichment."
  • "Creates more consistent curriculum between teachers on the same grade level."
  • "Homework completion and compliance issues are reported separately from mastery of concepts and skills."

4. What is a disadvantage of using Standards-Based Grading?

  • "Change takes time to build understanding in everyone involved."
  • "Traditional grading practices are ingrained in the community and they, too, will have to go through the change process."

5. Is there research to indicate that Standards-Based Grading significantly increases student achievement?

"Research on standards-based grading shows overwhelmingly that students learn their subjects and perform better when instruction and assessment are each implemented with great fidelity."

Video of Pop UP PD

The presenters for the evening were Abby Crane and Melissa Cupp, English teachers at Olathe West High School.

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