Water Purification Innovation!

The powerful, most secure, and new water cleaning device.

The "Meri Fairy" is the smart way to clean water. (Logos)

Ever on a camping trip or by the sea and want something to drink? Ever want to water your garden with the water so pure that Mother Nature herself is jealous? Well, now you can! Approved by the FDA and under SDWA regulations, the "Meri Fairy" is the only device guranteed to clean all unsanitary and impotable water. The "Meri Fairy" has already made its way into the yards and communities of both the American populous and developing countries. Why would you look any further? Why would you pay hundreds of dollars for gargantuan, bulky, impractical water purifiers? You wouldn't, because you're smart. The "Meri Fairy" was engineered by a credited NC State graduate student with cost and efficiency in mind. The name "Meri" derives from the Finnish word, "meri", which means, "of the sea", so you can imagine that it's pretty great. The "Meri Fairy" is portable and durable and can be used indoors and outdoors for any water cleaning need. Retail pricing for the "Meri Fairy" is $35.99, or a bi-weekly payment of $17.50. with your contribution the manufacturers of the "Meri Fairy" can make an economic impact not only on lives of your neighbors, but also those who can't do for themselves. Donations are also encouraged. 100% of the proceeds toward the manufacturing of the "Meri Fairy" go to previously mentioned organizations and to other organizations that provide aide to local and global sustainability causes. You want the best for your body, you want the "Meri fairy". Get yours, today!
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