Weekly Newsletter

Five Senses/ Art Show

Dear Parents,

The Art Show was a complete success. All the student were extremely excited to see all the people that came out for the event. They were so proud of their work and couldn't wait a second longer to show their art pieces to their family and friends. We were able to raise enough money to grant Yossimar's wish of having a party with lots of gifts. In the next few days the PK Team will be organizing a party for this special boy. If you wish to participate or help out any way possible, send me an email and I will make sure to answer back as soon as possible.

Exploration is extremely important at this age and what better way to explore our world than by using our five senses. This week we focused our study on the Art Show theme to give a better understanding of the five senses to our kids. Each day we participated in activities that related to each sense. It was fun and entertaining.

Getting Everything Ready!


For sound we created rain sticks using paper towel rolls, paint and scarps of paper. When they were dry and ready to seal, we placed some beads inside to make the effect of rain.


In this activity we have mixed different herbs in the paint. After painting a piece of paper and letting it dry, we cut out circle to create a Sniffinsky art!


First cut a piece paper into squares. Then color the paper using different colored pencils. When the whole paper is all colored, use a black crayon to color on top.


Oatmeal Play Dough

  • 1/2 cup of oats
  • 1/4 flour
  • 1/4 water

Mix all ingredients together and you have created edible play dough!


In this activity we used different types of materials to make paintbrushes so they could be used later on in their canvas. It turned out great!

Art Show

Canvas Winner!

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Diana Delgado