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APEX Museum Reaches More Than Meets the Eye Campaign Goal

At times we can become so engrossed in a work of art that we forget someone’s astonishing talent and hard work was required to produce it. For example, millions of people admire Atlanta’s murals, statues and sculptures that honor influential blacks on a daily basis. They also benefit from the enhancements these aesthetics bring the city, yet very few people are familiar with the talented artists who created them.

For this reason, we were beyond grateful when we were selected to participate in Power2Give, a gift matching fundraiser hosted by the Atlanta Office of Culture of Affairs. The goal of our campaign, More Than Meets the Eye, was to produce an exhibit and accompanying publication to pay homage to the aforementioned artists and their artwork.

Only because of YOUR generous donations and support were we able to reach our goal of raising $5,000 to produce the More Than Meets the Eye exhibit and publication. Moreover, this was truly a team effort that would not have been successful without your help. Now your name will go down in history for contributing to the rich culture of Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you for all of your help and support!