Return To Full In Person Learning


Dear Center Families,

As I am sure you can imagine, we are getting an influx of questions regarding Dr. Lang’s communication about the return to school full in person on April 5th. We are going to try to address a few things in this document that will hopefully help answer some questions. Please know that we are also digesting all of the information in the new guidance and are working diligently to put together information and adjust the logistics of our building.

As we discussed last summer, we are aware that parents have difficult decisions ahead to make for their families. The biggest question we are receiving is regarding classroom assignment changes. Unfortunately, we know that parents want to know this to make a decision, but we also cannot answer this question until parents decide if they are “full in person” or “full remote” on the survey. Based on the responses that we get to this binding survey, we will then have to look at staffing, space and make decisions.

To reiterate Dr. Lang’s statement, this sudden shift to in person learning on April 5th would also not be our preference. We are excited to welcome more students back and to more in person time, but this timeline is certainly a challenge. We will continue to communicate as we have answers to questions. Thank you in advance for your continued support.


Dianna and Donna

Response to Questions

Pool Testing

You may still sign your student up to participate in pool testing. Here is the link:

Buses… Students who live one mile or more from school qualify for bus transportation. There is no fee for a bus pass this year. The bus routes are the same as they were last year. There are two ways to register: 1. On the district website: OR email Peter Brekalis - After registration is complete, you will receive a bus pass with your bus number and stop information.

Arrival and Dismissal… The current procedure will remain the same. We will hold a Q&A session specifically to answer questions regarding arrival and dismissal for any families having student returning to school in person for the first time on Tuesday, March 30th. Ms. O'Hearn will also provide written information to families.

Tue, Mar 30, 2021 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM (EDT)
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (224) 501-3412
Access Code: 650-478-573
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Here is a link to the parent drop off and pick up procedures:

Learning Model Survey/ teacher assignment… As stated above, we are in "the chicken or the egg” scenario with teacher assignments. As a parent, I am sure you want to know if the teacher will change based on the model you select. However, we will not know if the teacher will change until you select the model and we are able to account for 3 ft spacing in our classrooms.

Surveys are due no later than Wednesday, March 17th. Here is the link to the survey:

Lunch… We are working on plans for several locations for students to eat lunch at 6 ft apart since students will need to unmask in order to eat. These locations include the child’s current classroom and the cafeteria. We will also be looking at outdoor options. We will be adhering to 6 ft while students eat lunch since they will need to be unmasked.

Bag lunches will be provided at no cost for the remainder of the year. You may bring a lunch and snack from home but they must be nut free. Please see the lunch menu on the district website:

Special Subjects...Special subject teachers will be providing instruction in the general education classrooms or outside when feasible. Special subjects will be live an in-person for those in school, 50 minutes per day. Students learning remotely will participate in a 50 minute synchronous lesson.

Breakfast… We will not be serving breakfast in the classroom. Rather, breakfast items will come home with students each afternoon for the next morning.

Recess… We are working to identify different locations for classes of students to play at outdoor recess. (ie, play structure, field, basketball courts, tennis courts, play pad). Students will be masked at recess unless they need a mask break. We will identify mask break locations at each space for mask breaks to occur at recess time.

Snack… We will continue to have our snack breaks outside weather permitting. Students will be distanced more than 6 ft to eat snack and can remove their mask since they will be seated in one location that is more than 6 ft from others.

We are still looking at creative solutions for indoor recess and indoor snack when necessary.

Before and After School Childcare

We will not be providing before or after school childcare this school year through the Community Education Program. We anticipate before and after school childcare will resume in the fall for the 2021/22 school year.

Important Letter from Dr. Lang - PLEASE READ!

Guidance on Implementation of In-Person Learning